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3 Good Reasons to Get Custom Countertops

granite kitchen worktop samples Whether it’s a small scale remodel or a complete renovation of your kitchen or bathroom, you’re past the phase of settling for cookie cutter product designs and features.

You want to have a range of exclusive looks to choose from, and the ability to tailor-make each aspect of your home’s new look to suit your taste, every step of the way.

That’s where custom countertops come in, bringing a stylish and distinctive vibe to any kitchen or bathroom. The beauty of skilled custom work of any kind is that from concept to creation, it is meant for your space alone, and won’t be duplicated anywhere else. Custom countertops will always prove to be a good investment towards your home’s overall value, especially when

Solar Power: Why Green Home Renovation Pays Off

Solar panel on a red roof Going green comes in many forms, and the latest challenge for homeowners is to adapt this important trend to their way of living in the home. But what about the house itself?

Consider going beyond the typical small scale solutions to both lower your utility bill and overall energy consumption: consult with a specialist in solar power systems for your home renovations.

Even if you’re not embarking on an extensive home remodel or renovation, remember that taking the green initiative with solar power is still entirely possible with the installation of a new roof and a few simple conversions to make it all work.

Solar Power a Long Term Investment in Green Home Renovation

Essential Universal Design Features for Long Term Homeowners

home A new trend has emerged in home design as potential home buyers are now looking for homes they can be in for the long run.People now a days are looking to purchase a home that they can grow old in rather than have to sell it in a few years.Due to this, they want everything to be suitable for their current needs but also for those they will have when they age.This is why universal design features were introduced. Universal design features are parts of a home that anyone can use regardless of their age, size, physical ability, etc.

Many new home buyers are looking for a place that they can start and grow their family as well as age into. They do not want to go through the process of

10 Home Improvements That Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Home ImprovementThere are many ways a home can be improved, upgraded or remodeled. There are the obvious ways, such as doing repairs, renovating the kitchen or bathroom, putting new flooring in, etc.

However, there are also many other ways to improve your home that might not come to mind right away.

Here are 10 home improvements that can help increase the value of your home:

Entertainment Room

Entertainment rooms are a great way to increase the value of your home as they are extremely useful and appealing spaces, especially for large families. With features like pool tables, arcade games and/or home theatres, families can have lots of fun spending time together. This room is also an attraction for potential home buyers as many of them have these rooms on their must-have list for buying

Hollywood Regency: Restoring a Classic LA Home Style

home renovation Adobe, Italianate, Mission Revival, Craftsman, Spanish Colonial, Storybook, Tudor, and Ranch… the list goes on. Name the house style, and it’s probably tucked into a neighborhood somewhere within the dynamic and architecturally diverse greater Los Angeles area.

If you’re lucky enough to own a Hollywood Regency home, you’ve got your hands on a true LA classic, just waiting for a top quality home renovation to restore its former magnificence.

What Does the Hollywood Regency Home Represent?

Here’s a lesser known Tinseltown tidbit: it was actually a silent-film star that later became a decorator, William (Billy) Haines, who was a pioneer of the Hollywood Regency style, a look that famously conjures a sense of

Custom Millwork Windows Are a Cut Above

custom millwork windowsWindows are an extremely important part of any home. They let in light to brighten the interior and afford interesting views of the world beyond. What does an innovative home design and building contractor do when their client wants something extraordinary, far surpassing the predictable window styles that anyone can pop in and get at the nearest Home Depot?They look for experienced makers of custom millwork windows! Beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind windows can totally change the feel of your home and will be unmatched for both attractiveness and functionality.

Custom windows are just that: designed, created and properly installed based purely on the specifications provided by the homeowners themselves. They will stand out esthetically from any other windows you can find, and all moving parts will function flawlessly.

Why Custom Millwork Windows for Your Home?

Because custom millwork windows are obviously not pre-made, they are the perfect solution when…

All the Right Reasons for a Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovationIn any home, nothing beats a sensational bathroom, laid out just the way you want it and with all the right features and fixtures. If you’ve been holding off on that bathroom renovation for long enough, here are some good reasons to help get you going.

Room to Breathe – Make it bigger. The last thing you want is to plan the perfect bathroom renovation and feel that you’re still cramped inside a too-small room. Whether you’re on your own or need to accommodate a growing family, additional bathroom space is always worth it. A creative home remodeling and renovation expert will find clever ways to magically make a little more square footage a reality.

Fix Pesky Problems – Aside from looking drab and like it belongs in another era, a dated bathroom often has many problems. This includes annoying quirks with the toilet, tub and shower, or just the plumbing in general. And that light above the sink that keeps going out for no apparent reason, even when you change the bulb. A full-scale bathroom renovation provides the perfect opportunity to address any

Add a Sophisticated Wine Room with Savvy Home Remodeling

home remodelingAre you a total wine lover? Consider yourself a connoisseur? Then what are you waiting for? Just imagine the pure pleasure of having your very own state-of-the-art wine room, where you can suitably store and savor the vintage bottles in your collection.

Some well-planned professional home remodeling can make that fantasy a reality more easily than you think.

A properly designed, purpose-built wine room isn’t commonly found in all homes, even in the perfect grape-growing climate of California, where numerous superb wines are produced. The reward of entertaining guests gets ramped up big time when you can host a top-notch tasting event in just the right surroundings. And from an investment standpoint, specialized home remodeling projects will only increase the value of your home. Bonus!

Whether Up or Down, Make it Your Own

What pops into most minds when hearing “wine cellar” is a dimly lit, brick-walled space filled with casks, antique furniture and tapestries. There’s a certain

Running Out of Room Means Home Additions on a Whole New Level

home additionsWhen you need more space in your home, the obvious solution is to add more rooms. With limited lot space, however, you can’t always expand outward. Don’t give up: you may have the handy option of taking things to a whole new level through a second story home addition.If the overall size or general layout of your property doesn’t allow for ground floor expansion (don’t give up the pool!), you can still have an excellent home addition that will double your square footage—simply by going up, rather than out.

A bungalow or other single-story structure gives you an excellent opportunity to take things to a whole new level. Virtually.
You love the neighbourhood and the landscaping you’ve nurtured to perfection and would rather not have to pick up and move. If you’re considering a home addition, plenty of questions will crop up. Architecturally, how will an extra level tie into

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