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Building Permits

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Building permits and plan checking are easy when you work with RWT Design & Construction. Most people are worried about this process because they think it will be long and costly.

At RWT Design and Construction, Inc., we have our own wood mill and can design, fabricate and install custom countertops, cabinets, handrails, staircases, gates, doors, garage doors, wood floors, tables, chairs, desks, decks and much more.


Truthfully, it is good to have an extra set of experienced eyes on your project; it is those officials’ jobs to ensure nothing was missed, nothing was substandard and everything was up to code.

We work closely with the city inspector and plan checker while working on our projects. We have a very good rapport with them. Years of work well done doesn’t go unnoticed, and we are known for doing our jobs the right way the first time!

A good thing for home owners to know regarding permits and substandard work is that when you want to sell your home, there is a whole process to go through. You get a realtor to help you find potential buyers. Once you reel in a potential buyer there is still a laundry list of things to do before the deal is finalized.

One of those things is the potential buyer will get an inspector to check the entire property to look for any problems with the house. If there is any un-permitted substandard work discovered the buyers will possibly back out because of this liability, or they will want to renegotiate the asking price.

Basically, the worth of your house will only increase with permitted/standard work done, whether an addition, restoration or remodel. So it really pays to do things correctly the first time.

Building and Safety – where you pull permits for your home and find out what permits have been pulled for your home over the years and see the recent activity on your home.

County Assesors Office – where you can find out about your property. You can get all the records pertaining to your home. This includes diagrams of the building, additions and all the history from inception. This can help when trying to permit unpermitted spaces.

California License State Board – where you can check to make sure the contractor you are planning to use is fully licensed. You can also check their workers comp. and find out whether their license is expired, revoked or if they are currently in good standing.

Here is what a recent home owner said about our work:

“We had heard many horror stories from our friends and family about city inspectors and the permit process so we were worried the whole process would be long and painful. But it was all so easy with RWT. The inspector even was impressed with the work done and was excited to see the progress on my home. Romney and his crew were quick and efficient and had excellent workmanship! I was very impressed with both the work and smoothness with the city inspectors and plan checkers. My experience was great!

Thank you! And I love my new kitchen and bath!”

– A.M.

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