Easy Remodeling Ideas to Beautify a Small Bathroom

Every house has one small bathroom. Often it is the guest bathroom which tends to receive the least attention from the homeowner but is the most frequented by visitors.

bathroom with skylightThere is no need for a small bathroom to feel little or less important. Explore some simple bathroom remodeling ideas that will ensure the space is top-notch, both aesthetically and functionally.

The Skylight Appeal

Flood the room with natural light. It is such a simple way to make any room feel larger and airier. When a small bathroom has no side windows, a skylight is a great idea. It can also be a tremendous help with ventilation.

Make sure it is big enough to do the room justice and think about aligning your skylight with the door or another feature of the room for that extra touch.

Bathroom Fixtures That Use Space Wisely

You can save anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of space by replacing the traditional toilet with a wall-hung model, where the tank is inside the wall.

luxury bathroom with stone hand wash basinA pedestal vanity with open space below can also help to open up the room. Or a vessel sink on top of the counter (that free-standing bowl sink) combined with an open-shelving vanity works wonders.

If you really prefer having cosmetics, towels and cleansers tucked out of sight in drawers and cabinets, then consider a vanity with a curved front. Instead of right angles and a “block” of storage, the curves are softer on the eyes and use less room. Otherwise, floor to ceiling cabinetry can create a sense of height.

Walls, Surfaces and Lighting

To help a small bathroom feel larger, let light work with the surfaces to complement them. A dark theme or heavy colors in the room will make it feel enclosed, almost cave-like. Meanwhile, something like white marble and tiling really helps brighten it up. So it isn’t too stark, add some textured tiles and tones.

Be sure to have lots of mirrors installed on a variety of surfaces. Mirrors are a brilliant way to make any room seem bigger, especially a bathroom. To really enhance the look, install recessed lighting around the mirrored surfaces.

The Effect of Barriers on the Space

small bathroomBarriers and dividers often break up the room, thus making it seem smaller than it is. However, sometimes people like privacy when using the toilet. A divider that goes halfway up the wall between the toilet and the vanity could be a good compromise that allows a sense of privacy while not diminishing the entire room.

If there is a tub in your small bathroom, consider a glass shower wall instead of a curtain. It will not impede light and will not cut off the room, but will still prevent splashes and mess.

Your small restroom does not have to be a big problem. Some simple bathroom remodeling is all it takes to make it seem larger.
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