I have had the benefit of RWT’s first rate work for a number of years. Romney was recommended to me in 2005 by a highly regarding water leak specialist when we had severe water intrusion problems in our home. I had my doubts as to whether the problems could be corrected, but they were with no further problems of that nature since the work was completed.While correcting the water leak problems provided me with the introduction to RWT, I have used them ever since for every other construction/painting/deck/plumbing, and general repair problems that have arisen, and have been nothing but absolutely satisfied with the quality of RWT’s work. They designed and fabricated a beautiful stainless steel gate for our home. No job is too big or too small, and if they need outside expertise, they have always known how to find it – the trades they have brought in to work with them for specialty jobs such as deck resealing have been first rate. RWT is now redoing our kitchen and our bathroom cabinets. I trust them implicitly.Finally, Romney and everyone who works with him are not only competent, but they are the nicest bunch of people you would never want to meet. Everyone I have referred them to has had the same experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


I purchased my first condo in during Fall of last year and had several things I wanted updated and/or fixed, including but not limited to: bathroom light/fan fixtures, installation of multiple ceiling lights, re-glazing of my kickeh and bathroom, new kitchen appliances, pulls/handles on kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, sliding closet door replacement, updating the balcony screen door, closet rod and shelving replacement, floor tile replacement, air/heating system alternatives and art mounting/hanging. No matter what I asked of Romney and his team, they were able to accomplish everything in a timely, professional, trustworthy and respectful manner with smiles on their faces. Their communication is absolutely fantastic, as I was kept abreast regarding the progress of the renovations as well as various visual references and options to chose from when finalizing certain looks/styles. What’s more, Romney worked with me to ensure I could get everything accomplished within my budget. I couldn’t be happier with their work and have always spoken very highly of RWT. They’ve been a part of my family for years (have done several jobs at my parents’ home) and will continue to be for years to come. I give them a glowing recommendation every time someone is considering any remodeling needs!


RWT has done numerous projects at our home ranging from major remodels including building new bathrooms, adding rooms, remodeling, Adding patios, security walls and much, much more. He has also managed major and minor repairs swiftly and efficiently. I highly recommend RWT for any work at your home.


We purchased a home in Los Angeles and did not know a contractor to assist us in what we thought would be updates to our home. We were very apprehensive, but three months later, we are so fortunate to find RWT Design and Construction. RWT was extremely thorough and identified, explained and solved all our projects to our satisfaction. The home we purchase had drainage issues, RWT didn’t just pave a drained path, they investigated the damage the problem had caused. We had a lot rotted wood. They repaired the wood, installed the drains and tested it for us to insure a complete job. This was very reassuring.The home we purchase had cooling issues. RWT inspected the air cooling systems and determined that there were so many flaws in the previous installation. This was a home that was just 2 years old. Today, this home cools without issue and we are enjoying it very much.The original project was to install wood floors. The outcome was absolutely beautiful. RWT minimized the seams and the stairs were flawless.We feel that the quality of work on our home is so valuable. We know we will get many years of use from the improvements. RWT will always be our first place to go to whenever we have any future projects. We trust them.


Romney built some furniture for my wife and I. He’s an amazing carpenter and he took such care to make us EXACTLY what we wanted. He’s the nicest guy in the world and I would recommend his company to anyone.


If there ever was such a thing as a perfect contractor, it would be Romney Tripp of RWT Construction. Romney is efficient, courteous and delivers the product asked for.I would recommend RWT Construction to anyone looking for a contractor who will listen to what they want and understand what they want and deliver it!How perfect can you get?


I’m a true believer in the idea of doing things once and doing them right, and I am here to announce that Romney Tripp, Founder of RWT Design & Construction, has impressed me more than I can possibly explain in this post.I purchased a home in Woodland Hills, CA that’s perched on a scenic hillside among all sorts of wildlife, and I brought in RWT Design and Construction to give the house an intense remodel. The home was built in the 1960’s and retains positive aspects of its original character, though some parts were suffering dearly. The roof was a chop job; the foyer, kitchen, dining area and living room had a horrible layout; there were major safety issues that needed to be addressed, and the list goes on (and on and on). This, my friends, is where RWT Design and Construction comes in and the magic happens.Romney initially visited the property with a notepad and camera in hand, which he used to document all of the issues with the home. He took such information back to his office, which houses a master craftsman for metal and wood work, and outlined a plan of attack. I am impressed with how thorough Romney is as well as his willingness to provide information throughout the project.Once we decided on a final plan for the property, Romney brought his team in right away; in the blink of an eye my vision was starting to take form. And, the best part is, I was allowed and encouraged to be a part of it. I was not given a set of guidelines and instructed to adhere to them. Instead, I was provided with information and ideas then asked for my input .For example, I was given a plethora of roofing options and Romney explained the benefits of each along with additional upgrades to the roof renovation — added insulation over the vaulted ceilings and the addition of a solar attic fan. Romney’s suggestions ultimately led to my spankin’ new energy star roof (eco-friendly) and a spiffy solar-powered attic fan to disperse hot air thus reducing the need for air conditioning. The solar attic fan also keeps humidity levels in the attic down, which helps reduce the possibility of mold. No mold = better air quality.Additionally, I wanted to add wood floors in the living room, foyer and dining room. A large portion of the house has original oak floors and Romney suggested an eco-friendly approach: Refinish the existing oak floors and install oak floors in the remaining areas. By doing so we preserved the original floors, brought them back to life, and saved them from a landfill. I’m very glad I went this route.Due to the amount of renovations on this property there’s absolutely no way I can stuff everything into one article, and I will therefore be writing additional articles on our progress over the next 1-2 weeks. After the excellent service I received from RWT Design and Construction, namely Romney and his team, I felt compelled to whip up a review. After all, they deserve it.I’ll leave you with a quote by Oscar Wilde: “I have the simplest taste. I am always satisfied with the best.” The reason I hired RWT Design & Construction is because I feel they are, hands down, the best.Sincerely,


Amazing service! Excellent craftsmanship, all around great company ! We Look forward to working with them in the future


RWT did extensive work on my home including construction of a loft, custom cabinetry, and an ingenious hidden doorway bookshelf. The work included carpentry,electrical, plumbing and code compliance. The job came in on time, on budget and VERY beautiful. The Guys were polite and skilled and they kept the space clean and orderly. I would recommend them to anyone!


RWT was recommended by a preeminent leak detection specialist to solve a host of water leak problems that affected our home. Suffice to say that the repairs were expertly done, and the house has had no recurring problems thereafter. We so respected the quality of RWT’s work that we have used them for a variety of household projects and have been totally satisfied with their work. They have done a substantial amount of work for another family we know, and they have also been completely satisfied. In addition, they are very nice people and a pleasure to work with.


It was an excellent experience! It was a well planned and thought out product that more than met my expectations. The care was really there. The quality was impresive. They were so incredibly professional I couldn’t be more pleased! I wouldn’t use anyone else.

A. G

RWT Construction enthusiastically met the challenge of building our recording studio – despite an extremely aggressive schedule and all the special requirements of a professional recording studio.They handled every aspect of the project, including the design (which we love)! From the raised “crows nest” control booth, to the unique sight live window of the vocal/acoustic booth, to the spacious vaulted ceiling main recording room – all solicit an amazing “oooh” and “aahhh” response from every single artist that has stopped into the space.Since opening this new beautiful studio we haven’t stopped working!!Thank you RWT Construction!!


The work was superb! They did what they said they would do. They did everything to perfection! Even people who have come in and seen it since it’s been built have said the same thing.


I‘ll try and get a more formal thank you letter to you, but I want you to know we are THRILLED with the new kitchen! You guys are pros!


RWT was on top of every aspect of our job/ remodel. Romney was very involved from the beginning of the project until completion. We will definitely work with Romney and his team again.

R.D. & S.G

We moved into a new apartment that had quite a few things to be done. The main thing was the sinks needed to be refinished white, they were very ugly! RWT came in and did the sinks, and they did such a good job, quick and professional and the sinks look amazing!! They also did some painting which looks awesome too ? thanks for a great job!


We are so happy with our house and our kitchen! Thank you for all your work and patience. We hope to redo the bathroom in a few years, and we will be sure to call you!Thank you!

S.T. & E.T.

recently referred RWT to my client for their home remodel. My clients were extremely happy with the work that RWT completed and were amazed by their patience during their remodel project. They completed a full remodel which included, but not limited to: Demo, Kitchen, bathrooms, floors, new bathroom addition in guest house, and landscaping. As all remodels go, it was a stressful time for my clients and they have mentioned numerous times that they could not imagine getting through the process without Romney. RWT was conscientious of their budget and went out of the way to make the project come to a successful completion. RWT was very professional and I highly recommend them.


Romney, thanks for making our home a better place to live. John’s craftsmanship is excellent!


RWT construction is an excellent contractor, we have been very happy with his work.


This company is efficient and does excellent work. If you want a high quality, top notch remodel, this is the company to chose!


Romney helped to fix up our newly purchased property. He is detail oriented, reliable, and the results are amazing!


I‘ve been using RWT for quite some time now. They are a clean, high quality and honest general construction company. I love them!


Everyone was friendly and easy to talk to. Work was done on time and looks great!


Romney was great. This was my 1st remodel. He offered suggestions and pointed out the pros and cons of decisions I was making. In the end, it was a great collaborative process and I have a fabulous new bathroom that is more than I dreamed it would be!


RWT has handled everything, every problem that has come up. I’m extremely satisfied with the work. There is a reason I have been using them since 2005.


I was very pleased with how quickly and efficiently the job was done. It was more than I expected. I would highly recommend their services.


I have been a property owner for more than 25 years and have hired a number of different contractors during that time. RWT continues to be the best of the lot. They come when they promise to come. Unlike many contractors, they do not take off for days at a time but rather stay until the job is done. They do an excellent job, and the prices are fair. I highly recommend them!


I had RWT make me a headboard for my bed and a serving table for my dining room. I just told Romney what my idea was for both pieces and worked out the measurments of my rooms and figured out what sizes I wanted the pieces to be. Then only about a week later he was done making them and when I saw the final product I was so happy!!! It was exactly what I wanted!! Romney completely understood what I wanted. I don’t think I will ever get rid of my headboard & serving table. They are so unique and sooo me!!!! I love love love them!!! If you are looking for someone who can fully understand what it is that you want and then go and make exactly that. Romney from RWT really did that for me and I am recommending him to everyone I know!!!


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