The Luxurious Home Addition: A Master Bedroom Balcony

Master Bedroom Balcony with chairsMany homeowners consider the master bedroom to be a private domain where they can lock out the world for a while and relax.

When it comes to making an addition to it, a walk-in closet is nice, but a balcony can really extend the personal space of your master bedroom.

What a Master Bedroom Balcony Can Be

Imagine waking up in the morning and having breakfast on your scenic balcony in the sunshine and fresh air. Or imagine an arborand reading space where you can enjoy the SoCal weather all day. This addition to your bedroom can be truly yours – a place to relax, soak up some rays, or reflect on the day’s work over a cocktail.

Use it as a quiet place to read, meditate or do yoga. It could be your special refuge, especially after you get your young children to sleep, where you can spend quality time with your partner and rekindle the romance in your relationship.

A gorgeous terrace balcony will make you feel like you’re at a resort or stylish hotel. It could even be your private garden or outdoor studio.

What a Master Bedroom Balcony Can Do

A balcony completely changes the feel of the master bedroom. It makes it seem more open and airy and gives you a strong connection with the outdoors.

Balcony attached to master bedroomBig French doors can really open up the space in style and let the light in. Floor-to-ceiling glass will go even further and allow you to enjoy the full view from your bedroom if the weather isn’t great.

Apart from the impact it will have on your lifestyle, a master bedroom balcony will add significant value and desirability to your home. It could even be a feature that clinches a sale.

The Practical Considerations of Your Bedroom Balcony

First comes safety. The balcony must be built to code so it is properly supported and secured. The surface should always be non-slip. Terra cotta paving complements the SoCal theme of your home and wears well. Composite surfaces are excellent, also, and clean easily while being a little more forgiving underfoot. Meanwhile, slate always looks incredible and feels cool in the heat.

Make sure there is a good safety railing in place, be it a glass one that keeps the view uninterrupted, or a wrought-iron railing for that hacienda look, or even a wooden one if that matches the rest of your property.

Beautiful Bedroom balconyThen ask yourself if you want the balcony to continue the color theme and design of your master bedroom. If so, then look for a surface and color scheme to match what’s in your room and make it seem like the balcony and bedroom are one big space that can be divided by closing the doors.

Otherwise, if the balcony is to be a separate space, you can go with pretty much any idea. Load it up with lush plants or else equip it with comfy loungers, a table, intimate lighting, even a bar and fridge.

Get Professional Advice

Creating a balcony or terrace off your master bedroom is hardly a DIY project, especially with construction codes and local bylaws to consider. The pros can help with everything from plans to construction, decor to safety, selecting materials to cleanup. They even have experienced design consultants bursting with ideas to make your balcony stunning.
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