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Romney started in the construction industry in 1977 and founded RWT Design & Construction in 1992, eventually setting up shop in Burbank California.

RWT performs quality work for residential, commercial and industrial properties and enterprises, including everything from additions and remodels to property repairs, maintenance, water damage repairs, landscaping, custom mill work and more. In the last 10 years, RWT has specialized in remodeling, restoring, enlarging and enhancing high quality homes and properties including numerous projects for various celebrities in the greater Los Angeles area.

From the mid 1980’s Romney and company have also been building recording studios for homeowners and also for radio stations such as KFAC, Radio Unica, KPKF and at the Mount Wilson Transmitter Station (KGIL), just to name a few. “I love building things, always have. That is why I got into the construction field in the first place. I still get a kick, after all these years, out of the reaction my customers have after seeing my work on their homes. They can’t believe how amazing it looks. I love seeing that I exceeded their expectations. That always makes me really happy because I believe in working harder for my customers than they even expected.

I believe in walking them through each step of the process and staying in very good communication. Above all I believe in being 100% honest with my customers, and, as a result, have many people referred to me when they are looking for an honest contractor. I really enjoy working with a customers for a long time and creating that relationship to a point where they feel more like family.” – Romney, Founder of RWT Design & Construction

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