Summer Home Remodeling: Keep Your House Cool this Summer

summer energy consumption Not all homes are equal when it comes to withstanding the summer heat and providing a comfortable atmosphere.

Electricity bills can skyrocket during this time of the year because turning on the air conditioning becomes the “crutch” for beating the heat.

But there are a few remodeling ideas that can suit your home all year round as well as make the heat a little more bearable during summer.

Take a look at some of them:

Keep Heat Out With Window Shutters

Exterior window shutters can be both a decorative and a functional way to combat extreme weather, be it cold or hot. Close them from the beating sunshine and they can also give your home a facelift. There are several styles to choose from, most commonly wood ones with either horizontal or vertical louvers. window shuttersAdd some stylish and bold brass hinges and your house can make a statement while keeping a few extra degrees out.

Otherwise, there are retractable shades that roll out and roll up.

If shutters keep the direct sunshine out during summer, your air conditioner won’t strain so hard. And if they open/retract to allow sunshine in during winter, your heating bills can drop.

Summer Home Improvement: Clerestory Windows

Sometimes cooling off can actually involve more light coming in, rather than less. Clerestory windows can do just that. These are windows that are installed higher up on walls, near the ceiling. clerestory windowsOpening them allows heat that rises and accumulates to escape. It also increases airflow from room to room, which is another important way to cool off. Meanwhile, extra glass means more light.

Instead of opening windows lower down and allowing heat to flood the house, open the ones that let heat escape. Clerestory windows are not only good on upper floors where heat builds up, but also on lower floors that could use more natural light.

Skylights Let Heat Out and Light In

When you’re cooking, the kitchen can become the hottest room in the entire house, especially if your kitchen is not well ventilated. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen has a low ceiling or a high one. The heat still needs somewhere to escape.

Skylights are great summer home improvements for the kitchen. Skylight windows can allow that heat to escape and serve another purpose as well – natural light.

skylightDuring summer, SoCal gets very little rain, so you can keep the skylight open for almost as long as you like. In the mornings, and when the day is rainy, it still allows in more light and helps you keep your electric lights off.
Skylights are great for other rooms as well, especially bathrooms. They give a room a more pleasant and airy atmosphere, and can also make an area seem larger than it is.

Make Your Roof a Better Heat Barrier

Much heat enters your home as the sun beats on your roof. A new roof surface could be just the thing to reduce the heat getting in over the next 10-15 years. Otherwise, a solar reflective coating on your existing roof should help shun the heat, bring the inside temperature down and reduce your utility bills. While you’re at it, have a roofing expert check the seals around your roof and attic and ensure any air gaps are closed to prevent hot air getting inside.

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