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Water Damage Repairs & Prevention

Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles and Burbank
We specialize in water damage restoration and provide waterproofing protection for inside and outside your home. We serving Burbank, Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

How to Protect your Home from Flooding in Los Angeles, Burbank and surrounding SoCal areas.

Finding the right water damage restoration company can be overwhelming, but an unfortunate necessity for many residents here in SoCal.

The Public Policy Institute of California states that one in five Californians are vulnerable to flooding. Flooding in Southern California is an unfortunate reality that many residents know all too well. Here in SoCal we are susceptible to flash floods, and as a flood-prone state are best line of defence is preparation. RWT Design & Construction offers water proofing services that can protect your home from rain damage, flood damage or other water related damage, for current water damage / flooding contact us 818-841-8600 immediately to repair water damage and safeguard your home and your family.

Water damage can cause serious structural problems and potential health issues if left untreated.

Rain leaks are one common cause of water damage in homes, and their negative effects, including mold, can spread to other parts of your house, often undetected.

Heavy rains, broken pipes, overflowing toilets, flood waters and other sources of water damage can also ruin household furnishings, appliances, your home’s electrical system and electronic equipment such as computers and televisions.
Window and door frames can fracture, unpainted or uncoated metal surfaces can rust, foul odors begin to permeate the house, underlying wooden frameworks become swollen or split and begin to rot.

Walls, carpets and plaster damaged by contaminated flood water or overflowing sewers are another source of potentially serious health problems.

Common sources of water damage:

  • Structural flaws: roof, walls, gutters, facia, etc.
  • Structural damage from high winds, allowing water to enter
  • Rain leaks
  • Heavy rain downpours
  • Rising flood waters
  • Ground-water flooding
  • Overflowing sewers
  • Clogged or overwhelmed storm drains
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Broken plumbing pipes
  • Broken appliance hoses or connections

RWT Design & Construction specializes in water damage restoration and can fully repair structural damage to your home (internally and externally) caused by water.

With our quality workmanship and years of experience in home waterproofing, we can put an end to those annoying drips and stains caused by leaks and the permeability of a damaged roof, wall or ceiling, and also protect your home against future water damage.

We offer free, no-obligation estimates of the cost for your waterproofing or repair project.

Contact RWT Design & Construction today for all your waterproofing needs in Los Angeles or surrounding areas in Southern California. 818-841-8600

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