Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

master bedroom remodelingThe master bedroom can be considered a homeowner’s sanctuary. This is the place not only for relaxing but also for escaping.

People often put plenty of thought into items to add to a bedroom, but not always into remodeling ideas that could really enhance or transform the room.

Here are four master bedroom remodeling ideas to make the room the best part of your home:

Walk-In Closet

walk in closetBuilt-in closets are functional without making a statement. Meanwhile, free-standing closets can be interesting and even ornate, but are still just big limited boxes that don’t make the most of space. You’ve seen walk-in closets in other people’s homes – now is the time to create your very own where you can store all your clothes, shoes, accessories and much more, where you can see everything just by turning.

On top of that, it can essentially be your dressing room. You can walk in, pick out items and try them on in front of a full-length mirror. When you’re done, you can close the door and keep your stuff out of sight.

You may wonder how much space you will sacrifice from your bedroom to include this walk-in. Well, consider how much you sacrifice already with extra dressers, closets, cabinets and chairs that you place things in and on. A walk-in can replace all those and be filled with shelves, drawers, racks, and innovative nooks and crannies to utilize the entire space right up to the ceiling.

Master Bedroom Remodeling: Your All-in-one Space

master bedroomIf your bedroom is fairly spacious, try remodeling it into more than just sleeping quarters. All that space can be made very useful and also stylish. Your master bedroom can also become a private little office by having an alcove or mini-den designed and installed.

There you can store items that need to be accessible at all times or else kept private from the rest of the house. Have a built-in desk installed for your computer and shelves as well.

It’s great for when you have guests staying and you need extra privacy at night for your work.

Take it a step further by even having a Murphy bed designed and built into the wall and fixtures. During the day, the bed can fold away to allow you a full office or exercise space, and by night it can transform back into a bedroom.

Use a Hotel Suite’s Luxury Features

The master bedroom can be transformed into anything—even something as luxurious as your very own hotel suite. Build into the room a unit that includes a counter, sink, shelves, drawers and mirror, with a niche designed for a bar fridge. The sink could even connect up to the plumbing from your existing bathroom or ensuite. Include a couch and coffee table, too.

Whether you’re up late working or just relaxing, you’ll have everything you need right there.

Master bedroom in luxury home with large deckAlso, in the morning, your coffee can be ready in the same room without having to go to the kitchen. Then enjoy your coffee in the California sunshine on your…

Master Bedroom Balcony

Transform your bedroom by opening it up to the outside. Where the windows once were, walk straight through double doors onto a private balcony or patio. It’s an extra little escape in the fresh air.

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