Empty Nest? Use the Empty Bedroom to Your Advantage

spare bedroomWhen your child moves out of your home, you suddenly have an extra room that may be unused for quite some time.

The standard approach is to convert it into a guest room, or maybe a craft room, or even turn it into storage. But what if you claimed the extra space and remodeled to add it to your master bedroom? Think of the expansive luxury. It’s never too late to create your dream master bedroom.

Knocking Down Walls: Combine Two Rooms

If the now-empty bedroom adjoins your master, be creative. Remodel the space to remove that adjoining wall to expand your own bedroom. Suddenly you can have the walk-in closet and spacious ensuite bathroom you’ve always wanted. Or a sitting room or home office.

Also, you’ll now have the extra windows, so think of the natural light that will flood in to create a bright and open master bedroom. You may even want to replace the windows with floor-to-ceiling ones to really enjoy the view and the light.

If the master bedroom does not adjoin the other room, it may be that you can still open up the walls to create a brand new expansive room for yourself. Then your old sleeping quarters could become a beautiful guest room.

Upscale Master Suite InteriorA professional home remodeling contractor can help you through this process and save you money by helping you avoid any structural problems that could occur.

However you do the bedroom remodeling, be sure to consult a design and construction company to add cleverly-placed built-in storage solutions. A home can never have enough storage. Nooks, crannies, corners, doorways, window bays, even staircases can have storage incorporated into them. Together with design & build contractor, you can get really creative and unique.

An Entertainment and Multimedia Room

Just when you thought there were no new ideas for what to add to a master bedroom, knock out the old wall and use the newly opened space for your very own in-room home theater. Watch movies on a huge screen in luxurious comfort while still being in the privacy of your own room. Why not? Home theaters are becoming very common, so set it up especially for you and your loved one. The bedroom remodeling process will involve some rewiring for the different media and internet connections, as well as allowing screen space, appropriate storage around it and even space for a small bar. Just think: After a long day at work, you will be able to relax with your loved one, enjoy watching a movie and get a drink from your own mini bar.

You can also add some French doors to your newly expanded master bedroom to allow SoCal’s climate in while also letting you out onto your new private balcony, deck or patio.

Old Favorite Room Remodeling Ideas

If traditional is more your style of home, you know that traditional never goes out of style. As you remodel and reorganize your empty nest, a spare room can be converted into a library or reading room, a study, a home gym, a game room, a hobby room, even an additional bathroom. The options are endless!

Now that the kids have moved on to new adventures in new places, make the most of the extra space in your home. Talk to design and construction experts to make the most out of each empty bedroom and set your home up so it is perfect for you in this new phase of your life.

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