Avoid the Commute! With Home Office Remodeling

home officeThanks to modern technology, many Americans are now able to work from their homes.

This means more and more people don’t just desire but need a proper home office.

There are a number of factors to consider when remodeling a room to accommodate a home office.

The Value of a Home Office

Telecommuting is a trend that will continue to grow as businesses realize the benefits to both the company and the employee. Companies save on the rental of office spaces and employees save the expense and hassle of commuting to work every day.

Remodeling to create a dedicated office space may increase the value of your home and you may also find that suddenly many regular home costs – like stationery and supplies, utility bills, internet and phone bills – become tax deductible.

What Room Should You Remodel to be the Office?

home officeThe guest room? A kid’s room? Maybe the formal dining room? How about the master bedroom? Or even the living room?

It isn’t really enough to throw a desk and chair into a corner somewhere and call that a home office. It just doesn’t encourage professionalism, doesn’t provide proper segregation from living space, and is more likely to encourage clutter and mess. Choose a room and have it redesigned, converted and remodeled properly and professionally.

Believe it or not, many households have successfully integrated a full office into the living room. For some people in today’s online world, the lines between working and playing were blurred years ago.

In this day and age, some households use their formal dining room maybe twice a year because the kitchen or living room is the focus of meal times and gatherings. In such a case, it is the prime candidate to be transformed.

home officeOtherwise, a bedroom is an obvious choice for remodeling. It can be become purely an office or else be designed to still accommodate a guest when needed.

But don’t forget about your master bedroom.

That sitting area, with its lounge chairs that end up draped in clothes but rarely sat in, is practically begging to be used better.

Planning your Home Office Remodeling Project

Home office remodeling requires planning and integration.

With interior design services, your new office can seamlessly blend into the decor of your home, plus have some ingenious features built into it.

There are many design elements to take into consideration when planning a home office remodel.
You need to consider the ceiling and walls with their coverings or paint shades. Flooring is also important. A hard-wearing but appealing floor covering, that works with the theme throughout your house, must withstand foot traffic and also office chairs rolling around. You may also need to look at rewiring for better internet and multimedia connectivity, as well as shifting power outlets to more practical locations.

Then consider (with a designer) the many ingenious ways modern and beautiful new storage and shelves can be built into nooks, crannies, corners, window bays, mantelpieces, even stairs.

Remodeling a room into a home office requires more thinking and planning than one might originally think, but a detailed and coordinated result is so worthwhile when it enhances both your home and your working day. Instead of a boring workplace, it can be the home office you have always wanted – one that will inspire and motivate you in comfort.

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