L.A. City Allows Guest House Construction – Add Value to Your Home!

guest houseUntil recently, Los Angeles homeowners were often unable to build a guesthouse on their property due to zoning regulations.

A modification in the zoning law within Los Angeles means that new guest house construction work can now be completed on R-1 (residential) lots but with certain limitations. While homeowners must still contact licensed professionals to secure building permits and work within the limitations set for guest houses, the zoning changes allow them to move forward with their plans.

Let’s review some of the lasting benefits guest houses bring and what requirements you need to meet to build one on your property.

Building Permits and Requirements for a Guest House

building permits, codes, inspectionsIt is understandable if you did not hear about the recent zoning changes in L.A. After all, government briefings and regulations are not exactly everyone’s choice of enjoyable reading.

But it is vital for design, construction and remodeling contractors. They do the hard work deciphering the new guest house regulations so you don’t run into problems with the city. From planning to designing to foundations to putting the roof on, a good and reputable contractor will know precisely what is required and how to do it. That includes helping you understand the paperwork and requirements that must be met to build a guest house legally.

Requirements for guest house construction in L.A. include but are not limited to: it can’t be rented, there must be an existing single-family home on the property, it can’t exceed 30% of your current home’s floor area or be larger than 1200 sq. ft., there must be a minimum of one additional parking space, etc. A professional home building contractor can help you meet all of the requirements and save you time, stress and money.

A Guest House Brings Exceptional Investment Value

guest house on propertyOther than being a place for family and friends, your new guest home can increase your property’s current value and potential re-sale value if you ever decide to sell your home.

More and more home buyers are now starting to request to only view potential homes with guest houses for the following reasons:

Guest House Comfort for Family Visits

Families right across SoCal invite their loved ones to stay with them during vacation time and over holiday weekends. A guest house provides them with their own unique living space, self-contained and complete with all modern conveniences. Everyone gets to be together but also gets time alone without your home being overcrowded.

A Great Care Area for Loved Ones

guest house with main houseFor those whose parents are at an age where it is difficult for them to live on their own, a guest house can be ideal. It can be like a regular house or can be designed for a higher level of mobility issues and nursing care, thus providing loved ones with comfort and dignity during a challenging time in their lives.

All in One: Office, Place for Quiet and Guest House

We all need quiet sometimes, be it for work or for relaxing away from the phone, computer and television. With a guest house on their property, L.A. homeowners can finally have the lifestyle they want with all the flexibility they have dreamed about.

Recent changes to zoning laws in Los Angeles allow homeowners to explore a range of construction possibilities instead of moving. Contact an expert today to begin the process of legally planning, designing and constructing your new guest house.
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