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Easy Remodeling to Give Your SoCal Home Some Hollywood Celebrity Style

large white wardrobe. 3d renderingSinger Mariah Carey is known for her lavish walk-in wardrobeWho doesn’t want to live like their favorite celebs? They seem to have the best of everything and the terms ‘off the rack’ or ‘out of the catalogue’ don’t ever seem to apply to them. Some have grand homes while others appear to live simply. What they all have in common is that they add special touches to their homes

For your home, remodeling like a Hollywood celebrity home doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t need a mansion, just good ideas. Here are some simple home remodeling ideas to help you keep up not only with the Joneses, but also the Pitts, DiCaprios and Depps.

Read Between the Lines – Built-In Bookshelves

Whether you’re flipping through the pages of Architectural Digest or browsing online through the homes of your favorite stars, something present in almost every celebrity home is built-in

Protect your Home from Southern California’s Mudslides

Mudslide Protection CaliforniaA record El Niño phenomenon is likely to bring wet and potentially treacherous weather to Southern California this winter. Meteorologists are predicting record warm temperatures off the Pacific Ocean, which is a recipe for huge storms. And we have seen every time that El Nino + California = mudslides.

Mudslide protection in California is serious. It’s not too late. Get prepared. Contact home design and remodeling experts to implement some mudslide protection measures.

The Perfect Storm

Heavy downpours in SoCal are usually accompanied by dangerous mudslides. This year the experts are predicting massive mudslides as a consequence of extraordinary weather, the long drought, and a bad wildfire

Three Tips for Creating an Indoor Outdoor Living Space in SoCal

Indoor Outdoor Living Space Socal Southern California’s climate is perfect for bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out. There’s nothing better than dining outdoors surrounded by the hills, or watching a movie in the yard, or just using the patio as an outdoor living room. You need a stylish outdoor space for year-round use. So, get on it. This is one home remodeling idea that involves minimal disruption to the inside of your house and your daily life, and it’s guaranteed to add value to your home. So let’s look at a few ideas for creating your amazing indoor-outdoor living space here in SoCal.

Blend Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens – and Then Some

An outdoor kitchen can provide that perfect hosting area for dinner parties with friends. But for you to maximize the value and utility of your outdoor kitchen, you should blend that space with your

Three Things to Consider When Taking Out a Home Construction Loan

home construction loan When building a new home, or upgrading an existing one, the financial aspect is the most basic, right? Without money, nothing gets built. Unless you’re very fortunate, you’ll need a loan to finance the project. So, what kind of home construction loan do you need? What are the benefits and potential pitfalls of such a loan? The success or failure of your project can depend entirely on you getting the right kind of financial help and knowing exactly what you’re getting into.

  1. Ensure You Have a Detailed Contract

All business transactions require comprehensive documentation, especially for long-term and expensive processes – like building your home. It’s essential that all project costs be documented, as well as

Remodeling Tips for Increasing the Size of Your Cozy L.A. Condo

remodel condo L.A.Los Angeles is where everyone wants to be and scoring a condo in this city takes patience, luck, and capital. Then there is the size. A realtor may call these condos “cozy” but let’s call a spade a spade… they’re small. We’re talking 650-800 square feet small. Nothing says small quite like sitting on the couch and being able to reach the refrigerator without moving. Here are some tips on how to remodel a condo in L.A. to make it appear much roomier.

Lose A Wall

Many cozy condos in L.A. are converted apartment buildings or hotels. This explains the small size as well as some dividing walls that were once “necessary” for aesthetic purposes but now serve

Honoring Spanish History and Authentic Design with a Home Remodel

Whether it’s the roof tiles, arches, or stucco walls, there is no question that Spanish home design makes a statement. It is firmly rooted in the Mediterranean with its bold colors and distinct architectural elements. Remodeling your home with a Spanish design looks great and works well in SoCal, especially if you honor the history of that design by using authentic techniques.

The Tile Roof

Traditional spanish home with tiles roofs. Tower hints of Queen Anne style. Arched porch and rough hewn doorway support the main spanish theme of the residence.The simplest Spanish design and remodel starts at the top: the roof.

Drive by a home covered with red curved clay tiles that are layered and you know immediately that it is Spanish in nature.

Once attached, the tiles should remain natural and untouched, so they can age gracefully and have that fantastic patina that ancient villas possess.

Many Spanish homes have a sort of reclaimed look to them so it is OK to mix and match tile colors.

This adds to the authenticity of your home remodel.

Red Brick Curving Walkways

A Mediterranean Spanish home often has a very distinctive red brick and curved pathway leading to the front door. To honor this style for your home, the walkway should always reflect the color and design of your roof. More walkways may also be used in the garden with 

6 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

02 BeforeCurb appeal is the first thing that attracts homebuyers. First impressions are everything, especially when people usually remember the bad ones more than the good.

But where do you start when it comes to revitalizing your home’s exterior?

These effective curb appeal tips will help your home stand out and increase its value.

Tip #1: Custom Wood Doors

A custom front door has a big effect on your home’s curb appeal. Whether brand new with artistic touches or restored with added personality, a custom wood door is the perfect remodel to impress buyers and guests. Go bold with dramatic designs and

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