Three Tips for Creating an Indoor Outdoor Living Space in SoCal

Indoor Outdoor Living Space Socal Southern California’s climate is perfect for bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out. There’s nothing better than dining outdoors surrounded by the hills, or watching a movie in the yard, or just using the patio as an outdoor living room. You need a stylish outdoor space for year-round use. So, get on it. This is one home remodeling idea that involves minimal disruption to the inside of your house and your daily life, and it’s guaranteed to add value to your home. So let’s look at a few ideas for creating your amazing indoor-outdoor living space here in SoCal.

Blend Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens – and Then Some

An outdoor kitchen can provide that perfect hosting area for dinner parties with friends. But for you to maximize the value and utility of your outdoor kitchen, you should blend that space with your  indoor kitchen. Your best idea may be to create a patio outside your existing kitchen and attach the outdoor kitchen to the exterior wall. That way, you can tap into the existing plumbing and electricals. The proximity is also important so you’re not a long way from your main kitchen. The exterior wall can be opened up to allow traffic in and out. Otherwise sliding doors and windows can be installed so you can separate the indoor and outdoor spaces or open them to let them blend.

Ensure your outdoor kitchen has the best fixtures and fittings to withstand the elements. This SoCal indoor-outdoor space should have it all – counters, sinks, fridge, cabinets, lighting, built-in sound, table, chairs, bar, comfy sitting area, etc. Make it the envy of your neighbors.

Mediterranean Patio

With so much Spanish style in our beautiful area, a Mediterranean patio makes so much sense. And is it ever comfortable? You will feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury.

Chill on your outdoor sofa with a cocktail beside your centerpiece waterfall statue. Of course, it has lights built in for night time. Cool greenery and bright plants combine with darker gravel and terracotta paving for dramatic contrast, while the bar tucked inside rough-cut cedar cabinetry is a godsend on hot days and during parties.

If you want, take it further as a courtyard with wrought iron gates and rustic wood framing around windows.

Pool House

Indoor Outdoor Living Space Socal If you’re a SoCal homeowner with a swimming pool, a pool house is the perfect home addition as an indoor-outdoor space. But you honestly don’t even need a pool! It can be an awesome summer house, guest house, dinner party venue, bar, you name it.

A pool house can provide you and visitors with a space to relax outside the water and an area for hosting dinner at a pool party. Equip it with a kitchen, bar, TV, dart board, pool table or table tennis, greenery, and every mod con. It is a natural extension of your property, mirroring the structure and style of your home. There should also be an open air part and a sheltered area within your pool house.

SoCal is the perfect place for building a refined indoor-outdoor living space that can add comfort to your life and significant long-term value to your home. Discuss these ideas and more with your friendly design and remodeling experts.

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