Remodeling Tips for Increasing the Size of Your Cozy L.A. Condo

remodel condo L.A.Los Angeles is where everyone wants to be and scoring a condo in this city takes patience, luck, and capital. Then there is the size. A realtor may call these condos “cozy” but let’s call a spade a spade… they’re small. We’re talking 650-800 square feet small. Nothing says small quite like sitting on the couch and being able to reach the refrigerator without moving. Here are some tips on how to remodel a condo in L.A. to make it appear much roomier.

Lose A Wall

Many cozy condos in L.A. are converted apartment buildings or hotels. This explains the small size as well as some dividing walls that were once “necessary” for aesthetic purposes but now serve  no purpose. Like blocking off the kitchen from the living room. You can remodel your L.A. condo by taking down that wall to expand the entire living area. Consult a good contractor first to be sure the wall is not load-bearing. You will also need a permit to take it out, so always confirm with the professional.

Appliance Size Matters

Large appliances take up a lot of space. Besides, you don’t need large ones for a small place. When remodeling your L.A. condo, rethink your appliances. Some new appliances are narrower and less deep than previous models, so you can have your contractor design smaller niches for them. Do all this and reduce some of the things that encroach on your floor space.

Bathroom Troubles

Small bathrooms in L.A. condos are definitely the norm. Moving plumbing is costly, time consuming, and fraught with headaches. So, change the layout instead.

  • Instead of a tub and shower combo, remove the tub and replace it with a more spacious shower recess. Save space more by making the door retractable or on a sliding curve rather than opening into the room.
  • Replace the vanity with something narrower and less deep.
  • Natural lighting does wonders to make a small bathroom feel larger. For electrical light, replace pendant lights with pot lights and use only broader spectrum bulbs.

Color, Color, Color

Make your small condo appear larger by changing the color scheme. When you remodel a condo in L.A., use bright and vibrant colors paired with white trims and light highlights. Patterned wallpaper with bold colors may also help increase the sense of space.

Storage Dilemmas

Storage is always a major concern in small condos. In a bedroom, try building a faux wall complete with shelving and a notch for your bed and headboard. This will give you space for storage. You might also lift your bed higher to create storage space.

Corners and Walls

Often walls and corners go unused. Sure, walls get paintings and shelves, but take it further. Remodel your small L.A. condo by choosing slim and sleek fixtures, then use corners to install them. Get rid of floor lamps and mount them. Similarly, your TVs can be wall mounted to avoid using dressers or stands. Then utilize floating shelves to store other electronics.

When you remodel your condo in L.A., first know if you can. Often permits are needed, especially when moving electrical, plumping, or taking out walls. You may also need the approval of California HOA. Cover all bases to avoid any legal nightmares and contract professionals who know all the rules and procedures. When you’re finally done remodeling your L.A. condo, you will be much happier with a space that doesn’t seem so small.

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