5 Ways to Use Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year in Your Home


We’re almost three months in 2018, but it’s never too late to give your home a makeover! Over the years, the Pantone Color of the Year has become a benchmark for color trends, and of course, this includes trends in home decor.

This year’s Pantone Color is Ultra Violet. According to Pantone, Ultra Violet “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”. It’s very bold as compared to the pastel duo from 2017.

Aside from these deeper meanings and symbolism, let’s face it, this year’s color is just very pretty to look at. However, it might be too bold for some people, so making it the overall theme of your home might be too much. If you’re thinking of renovating your home and incorporating the Pantone 2018 color in it without going overboard, here are a couple of ways on how you can use it in your home:

1. Flowers

This is a very good and easy way to play with the ultra violet color without having to commit to it permanently. The color is very strong and punchy, so it can already look amazing on its own, but you can also style it and make it look softer with some grays or lilacs. You may pair it with some pink flowers as well.

If you’re looking for a specific flower, you may use the new Purple XL Anemone. They’re part of a newly developed variety of anemones. They’re much bigger than the previous anemones, they open quickly, and last for much longer. This is one of the most ideal flowers you may include in your home if you’re looking for something temporary.

2. Beddings 

This is a cool and temporary way to add the Pantone color to your bedroom. Most times, the bed takes up most of your bedroom, so having ultra violet beddings will give the illusion that the whole room is of that color, while still giving you the option to get rid of it when you’re tired of it.

3. Pillow Cases 

This is a more subtle way than using beddings but still adding that splash of the 2018 Pantone color to your home. Using pillows is a lot less bold, which is perfect for the color since it’s already strong on its own, and just adding a splash of it is ideal.

4. Carpet

Another easy fix! Carpets are another easy way to add the color in the bedroom without going overboard, but still making a bold choice since your carpet is essentially your floor. It’s also easy to replace or even remove when you want to try out something else.

5. Paint or Wallpaper 

If you’re looking for a stronger and more permanent option, you can also consider painting or put up a wallpaper on one of your rooms. This might not be as temporary as the others, but it will definitely add a good change to your home!

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