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Home Water Damage Repairs and Prevention

Water Leaking Damaged HomeIt’s easy to think your home won’t be affected by water damage and need repairs. After all, this is Southern California and we’re in a drought. Or maybe you live up a hill where flooding won’t occur.

The fact is that the drought could break any time. When it does… well, we’ve seen the results before.

Drainage in low-lying areas gets overwhelmed and causes flooding in homes, while water rushing down a hill can get into homes in its path. With the return of the rains, some homes will inevitably have problems with roof leaks, deck leaks, damaged eaves troughs, wood rot, damaged plywood, and so on.

Besides, without a drop of rain, a broken pipe or water main can cause serious water damage to any home, anywhere. Even a blocked toilet can wreak havoc.

Home water damage repairs are serious. So be sure you have a trusted restoration and remodeling company in mind, should the need arise.

Structural Water Damage Repairs

Should you need repairs due to water damage, you want to be sure your contractor will do these things:

  • Provide a free, no obligation water damage assessment that outlines action to
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