Home Water Damage Repairs and Prevention

Water Leaking Damaged HomeIt’s easy to think your home won’t be affected by water damage and need repairs. After all, this is Southern California and we’re in a drought. Or maybe you live up a hill where flooding won’t occur.

The fact is that the drought could break any time. When it does… well, we’ve seen the results before.

Drainage in low-lying areas gets overwhelmed and causes flooding in homes, while water rushing down a hill can get into homes in its path. With the return of the rains, some homes will inevitably have problems with roof leaks, deck leaks, damaged eaves troughs, wood rot, damaged plywood, and so on.

Besides, without a drop of rain, a broken pipe or water main can cause serious water damage to any home, anywhere. Even a blocked toilet can wreak havoc.

Home water damage repairs are serious. So be sure you have a trusted restoration and remodeling company in mind, should the need arise.

Structural Water Damage Repairs

Should you need repairs due to water damage, you want to be sure your contractor will do these things:

  • Provide a free, no obligation water damage assessment that outlines action to  be taken and estimated costs.
  • Remove any remaining damp and mold-affected sections.
  • Repair and/or replace all areas affected – walls, ceilings, roof leaks, eaves troughs, flooring, decks, balconies, structural framework, insulation, wiring, electrical outlets and plumbing.
  • Restore your home impeccably.

Water Damage Prevention – What Can Be Done?

As they say, prevention is better than a cure. It sure costs less money, time and drama. Some water damage you can’t prevent, but some you can.

  • Water Damaged Ceiling copyThe first thing to do is insure your home and its contents. Contact your insurance agent. Know what is covered by your policy and what is not. Many people get a shock to find they aren’t covered for some kinds of water damage. For instance, flood damage is defined very differently than water damage caused by a broken pipe or by rain leaking through your roof. Be 100% certain you will be able to get water damage repaired without being heavily out of pocket.
  • Have your home inspected regularly by a reputable contractor who will look for plumbing problems, leaks or cracks and then repair them immediately.
  • Have backwater valves installed. A sewer backup valve could prevent a flooded basement or nightmares from a backed up sewer.
  • Have water damage monitors installed. Your contractor will know how to do this. These monitors alert you if a water leak occurs. You can then turn off the main supply and prevent a disaster.
  • Ensure your lot is graded so water will flow away from your house. Your contractor can help here.
  • Have an expert check that waste water lines are not too close to tree roots.
  • Get your roof inspected so there are no broken or loose shingles.
  • Home foundations should be checked regularly for cracks. Have any repaired immediately so water cannot seep into your home.
  • Clear leaves, rubbish and debris from eaves troughs, downspouts, drains and grates.

All these things can save you time, expense and heartache. Using one company to do it all makes sense for the same reasons.

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