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Feeling Closed In? Make a Small Room Bigger

small roomHave you ever been in a room where you felt so confined that you wanted to physically push the walls outwards to give you more space?

Sometimes it’s not possible to change the size of a room. But some smart and efficient remodeling can change your perception of the room to make it feel more spacious than it is.

Here are a few tips about how you can make a small room look bigger:

Paint with Light Colors

Walls with dark colors will absorb light and make a room seem smaller. Freshen those walls up with white or another bright color, and an even lighter shade on the ceiling, to reflect the light and

DIY vs. Getting a Professional Contractor:

DIY (do it yourself) home improvement projects have become very popular over the last 10 years or so and that is great! For certain projects DIY can be rewarding if you know what you are doing and have the correct tools to get the job done right. But real quick before you get going on a DIY home improvement project take a look and ask yourself these questions:

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