How to Maintain Your Solar Electric Panels

Maintenance on your electric solar system is simple but must be done routinely in order for your system to be effective.

Cleaning the Solar Modules

Every 3 months it is necessary to have someone clean the surface of each solar module. The first thing you will need is a supply of clean, soft cotton rags and a hose (with a pistol grip sprayer) long enough to reach your solar array. Note; make sure whoever is providing the service is good on ladders and not afraid of heights.

Step 1. Note down the output on the LED read out for your solar inverter. These figures will improve once all the modules are cleaned.

Step 2. Set up your ladder for access to the roof and extend your hose so that it will be easy to put up on the roof.

Step 3. Turn on the hose and pull it over to the solar array and rinse each module surface thoroughly. This will clean the majority of debris as well as soften anything that is stuck to the surface. Be sure not to use any soaps, detergents or solvents to clean your solar modules as this will damage the surface of the module.

Step 4. With a wet, clean, cotton rag gently wash the surface of each solar module and thoroughly rinse. Make sure not to apply too much pressure to the surface of the module as this could crack the glass surface. Note, drying the surface of each solar module is not necessary.

Step 5. After you have thoroughly washed all of your solar modules and removed your hose from your roof go to your solar inverter and note the LED read out. This should have improved.

Step 6. Make sure that any trees, bushes or plant life is kept trimmed so as not to interfere with the sun’s rays reaching the solar modules throughout the day.

Keeping your solar panels clean throughout the year will go a long way in reducing your electric costs. At RWT we happily provide this service to our customers which costs about $200 per system. If you should find your electrical bill has suddenly gone up with out any substantial additional consumption, contact an authorized solar repair company like RWT Design & Construction to trouble shoot, repair and get your system back operating at top performance. We have been authorized by Earthsafe since August 2002 and we are fully qualified to maintain, repair, service and install new solar electric systems.

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