What You Must Know About Permits and Zoning Before building Your Recording Studio

To build a legal professional recording studio “with permits” you first have to check with Building and Safety and Plan Check and Zoning.

In Los Angeles for example we have run into several locations that had specific restrictions for recording studios and rehearsal rooms. Of course, this will cost you either your time or if you hire a professional a little bit of money but it is important before you enter into a lease or the planning phase of your recording studio, that you have verified your zoning requirements. Illegal or unpermitted studios come with the liability of potentially having to completely remove or demolish your studio. So this is a very important step in your recording studio process.

Home recording studios while abundant are not allowed in residential neighborhoods since zoning for residential neighborhoods have been written as such, building a professional recording studio in a home cannot be built with permits. Again your liability on your home recording studio would be the same as mention in commercial studios so buyers beware. If you would like help in determining whether or not your space can be “legally permitted” give us a call at (818)-841-8600 or click here because we are always happy to help.

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