Tips for Remodeling and Upgrading Your Home Recording Studio

Recording Studio StorageWhen you first had your home recording studio designed and constructed, it probably represented everything you needed to make crisp, true, professional audio recordings.

But now things have changed. The music and recording industries have evolved and your studio may not be providing everything you need. Maybe it is dated and not totally comfortable for clients.

Maybe you need more room for equipment. Or maybe you need the flexibility to accommodate many varieties of vocal groups, bands, instrumentalists and recording engineers.

It’s time for your home recording studio to be upgraded and remodeled.

Turn to a Specialist in Remodeling Recording Studios

While there are many construction companies that can remodel a home, few can provide a turnkey recording studio from design to equipment setup. Not only must the construction company understand the artistry in creating quality acoustics and the  methods of soundproofing, it must also know how to make the upgraded studio work seamlessly with the layout, décor and construction of your home. There is much to consider: plans, specs, construction codes, zoning bylaws, sourcing materials, efficient storage, fitting equipment into the remodeled space, electrical systems, ventilation, baffling, control room design, and so on. Your remodeling company should know about recording equipment and how it all works so as to streamline the entire upgrading process.

Working with this kind of recording studio remodeling specialist is also important for saving time and cost. No need for separate contractors.

Get the Studio Better Organized

Small recording studioYou know how easily your recording studio can get messy. Maybe it is always messy. First and foremost, get tons of built-in storage solutions added to the plans. Especially consider having shelves and racks custom designed and built for your collection of portable rack cases. Since you started with your home recording studio, no doubt you have accumulated more gear steadily. Clever built-in storage that fits it all perfectly will make better use of the available room, free up space for other uses, and make life so much easier when you grab your gear and head to a gig or when you return and put it all away. This kind of recording studio remodel is not only functional but can also be made visually appealing. The image of your studio is important.

Also to be better organized, do something simple like installing more outlets for equipment and instruments all around the studio. And get several snake cables, too.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Upgrade to a UPS and remodel the studio to fit it. You know when the power goes out that your computer equipment shuts off. Loss of data is devastating and infuriating both for you and for other artists. It creates a really bad and unprofessional impression for your recording clients.

New Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference. Sconces and diffused light can soften the interior of your recording studio and make artists relax more. Well placed spotlights can not only feature key items and places in the room, they can make a limited space seem roomier. Be sure they are upgraded to have dimmers, as well.

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your House

If you’re going to upgrade and remodel your recording studio, why not make all of your home consistent throughout with matching stylings, colors, décor and features? Such intentional and coordinated interior design could be the clincher in making your home and recording studio THE place for artists to record their work.

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