Sound Proofing Doors & Windows For Recording Studios

Doors and windows are key in the construction of any professional recording studio. Some studios will use video monitoring/ camera system in lei of a double window and in some cases this works fine.


A proper studio window will consist of two separate windows, which are fabricated to fit the opening. We build wood frame windows that are sealed with a silicone gasket that connects the two window frames. One of the windows will have an angle piece of glass with a minimum of 3/8” glass, the other window can be a strait piece of 3/8” glass or two 3/16” glass laminate. Since these windows are fixed (not opening) we prefer a wood stop that holds the glass in each window frame. Be sure to have the glass installer use a bead of silicone caulking when installing the glass. Traditional casing can go on each side of the opening.


Doors should be a minimum of 1 ¾ “solid core. The weather stripping should have seals that fit in the jam as well as surface mounted silicone seals that fit on the inside, similar to a weather strip. The bottom of the doors should have a drop down silicone sweep that will seal the bottom of the door to the threshold when the door is in the closed position. Using a high quality door closer is the best method for sealing the door when it is closed.

We prefer not using a lock set since the door closer will hold the door in the closed position. If you have the space I recommend, installing a sound lock, this will eliminate having to put back to back doors to access control room, live room etc.. IF you don’t have the space and you do need to use back to back doors again using two door jams with a silicone gasket between the two jams is the proper way to sound proof the doors.

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