Recording Studios in Los Angeles: Building Your Own vs. Renting

build recording studio los angeles Ever tried renting a recording studio in and around Los Angeles? Expensive, huh? And sometimes a major hassle.

Few industries have changed as much as the Music Industry has over recent years; and it has been an empowering change for every would-be singer, musician, rapper or producer. Advancement in technology has made home recording more attainable and affordable for everyone.

Why not do it all from home? I’m not just talking about having some equipment. How about some designing and remodeling and doing it right? Build a recording studio right here in Los Angeles! In your own home, in fact. You might think that creates a larger cost than renting a studio, but let’s look closer.

Time, Stress and Cost

Time = money. All the time in a rented studio costs plenty. That includes while you’re busy setting up your gear, talking to the engineer, using the  bathroom, having a coffee break, doing test takes, mixing, mastering, you name it. If you have a bad day and your stuff doesn’t go well, you’re still obligated to pay. Then you know that mixing will always take longer than you anticipated.

Throw into the mix the amount of time you spend in SoCal’s infamous traffic, going back and forth. Plus the stress of the driving that you have to diffuse before you can do meaningful work, all while being charged for the time. If traffic makes you late, you still pay.

A home recording studio, on the other hand, means no travel time, no “cost clock” running, no hassle. You can experiment and learn techniques as you go, have a bad day, make mistakes, even start over, without charge. Mileage, gas, insurance, studio rental and so forth can really add up. And if you continue renting, they continue mounting.

Meanwhile, your home recording studio can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

Decide What Kind of Studio You Want

It’s possible you never considered that you would one day have your own recording studio at home, especially in a place like Los Angeles. But with help from the right professional design and remodeling company, you can have one in amazingly quick time.

The simplest studio really needs not much more than a closet space. A little design work and remodeling can have it set up ergonomically for comfort and out of the way of household traffic. You can start there, if you want, or remodel an entire room or garage or basement. It’s up to you.


Your own studio puts you in the driver’s seat. No working around the other studio’s schedule. You make your own. Even if midnight inspiration hits, you don’t have to wait days for studio time.

Even more convenient is getting a construction company that provides a turnkey solution – meaning they set up all the equipment for you so you can simply walk in to your brand new studio and get to work.

Then you can leave it set up any way you want, unlike a rented studio.

Bottom Line

When it comes to cost, time, convenience, and ultimately dedication to your dream or hobby, building a home recording studio provides so much more flexibility and long-term savings. If you work from home, you could even find some tax breaks from having your own.

So forget the hassle of renting a Los Angeles studio. Look at building the home recording studio that will suit your needs, budget and schedule.

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