Air Conditioning and Heating Tips for Recording Studios

Something to consider when building a sound proof recording studio is to provide proper ventilation, air conditioning and heating to the spaces. Since the rooms will have air tight seals for doors and windows, you must have proper ventilation and fresh air for your artists and engineers.

Proper Ventilation

The best way to accomplish this is by having a separate fresh air supply blower and a separate exhaust fan blower. This way you can exchange the stale air with fresh air on a constant basis. It is important to know that both supply and exhaust blowers should be in line to help with noise dampening. Also it’s a good idea to have at least 25 feet of duct work with several bends between the exhaust/supply registers and the blowers.

Air Conditioning/Heating

Next is the air conditioning/heating for your rooms. With the technology today mini-split systems have an advantage over the traditional forced air systems. The number one reason being, there is no ducting system needed for a mini-split system. This allows for a much quieter cool/heating system. The fan coil that is located in each room is very quiet and with remote control thermostats they are very easy to turn on and off when recording necessitates this. The condensing unit can go on either the roof or in an exterior yard and again having this unit out of the room is much quieter for recording studio applications.

It is very important to provide maintenance access doors for the fan coil units as these may need maintenance in the future. There is also a condensation pump that will be required if your studio is not located with an exterior wall as these units do create condensation. In the past we have located these pumps in their own sound proof access boxes since these pumps will go on intermittently when the air conditioning system is being used. This way the engineer doesn’t need to worry about turning on and off the automatic pump.

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