3 Things to Consider When Planning Your SoCal Home Remodeling/ Room addition project in 2020

With the increase in house prices in SoCal and the Los Angeles area, in particular, many people are finding it better to remodel their home or add on a new room rather than to move into a new home. 

Whether you’re entering into a new phase of your life; like welcoming a new baby (or your bigger baby returning), looking after elderly parents or you simply want to create the home you always dreamed of, remodeling your home to meet the demands of your new life calls for planning and considerations. 

From budgets, to what you need to think about with small to large home remodeling projects. Here are 3 things you should consider when planning your SoCal home remodeling/ room addition project in 2020


1. Your Home Remodeling Budget



Before taking any steps when planning your new home remodeling project it’s important to figure out your budget.

Once you have the budget for the project you can then research if your ideas fit your budget. 

Many people get stuck or disappointed when they don’t realize early on enough just how much things may cost. Some people base costs on a project they may have done 5-10 years ago, but of course with everything costs rise. This means it’s important to be realistic with your ideas and your budget.

Once you have your budget it’s a good idea to call an experienced home remodeling contractor for a quote on the job that you want to be done. 


2.Finding a great home Remodeling contractor in SoCal


Your home is everything to you and your family and you deserve the best! Finding a general contractor for smaller and larger projects can be time-consuming, but doing your due diligence in the research phase will mean you hopefully find the right general contractor to handle your project.

Here is what you need to check when choosing the right contractor for your home remodeling/room addition project.

  • Check the credentials and references of any subcontractor you plan on hiring. 
  • Places to check the credentials would include, California State License Board website, to verify a currently active license, bonding information as well as current Workers’ Comp for your sub or general contractor.
  • Be sure to search websites, online reviews, and referrals given by the subcontractor and general contractor.
  • Last but not least, referrals from people you know, such as family, friends and business associates.

If you know someone who has had a good experience with a general contractor or subcontractor and you have seen their work first hand, you will have more certainty of the ability and reputation of the subcontractor or general contractor you hire.

You need to feel comfortable and confident that the company you choose to meet (and hopefully even exceed your expectations).


3.Completion Timelines for Small and Large Projects

It’s important to plan for both small and large projects, however, the benefits of smaller jobs like painting/redecorating your home, for example, will take significantly less planning time. 

There is also a lot less involved (like permits etc.) in most small projects so you can expect a quicker turn around from choosing your contractor to your project being completed. 


For larger projects where permits would be required for a remodel or addition, for example, the first step would be to hire either a design-build general contractor to start on the plans or an architect to draw the plans. This planning process will also go into city requirements regarding allowable building in your area.

An experienced and professional home remodeling contractor will be able to communicate with you upfront about the expected timeline for your project, including any expected delays.


Considering these three things ahead of time will help your project start smoothly, set your expectations and leave you time to enjoy the fun what your new space will look like.


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