7 Trends in Home Remodeling to Follow in 2018

Every new year, we always want to do something new — whether that’s trying out a new sport, new hair, eating healthy, or even something as drastic as remodeling your home. The new year gives us the perfect opportunity to completely remodel our homes and give it a completely new vibe. There’s no better way to start fresh than to change up the place that you spend most of your time in!

The biggest question for those who want to remodel their homes is how to keep their homes trendy. While 2018 is very near, it’s still in the future so we don’t really know what trends to expect — so we probably should just wing it and hope for the best, right?

Wrong! Experts already know what will be in style this 2018, and we’re here to tell you those trends. These trends will definitely spice up your home and keep you in style this coming year.


  1. Smarter Homes

Of course! It’s 2018 and with the technology around us getting more and more advanced, it only makes sense to incorporate these new technologies in your homes. Everything in your home can be automated now and can be activated with the touch of a button, whether that’s from a remote control or even your very own smartphone.

Some appliances and homeware can even learn from your habits. Smart homes aren’t called “smart” for no reason! Not only will this trend be “in” this 2018, it’s also incredibly cool and useful for you and your family.


  1. Maximizing Small Spaces

Small spaces are becoming more and more rampant especially in this millennial generation. If your home is not the biggest, 2018 has a place for you and your tricks to maximize the small space, while keeping the good aesthetic through variations in color, lighting, flooring, kitchen islands, and so on.

  1. White! 

Minimalism is one of the greatest trends of 2017, and will definitely still be relevant in 2018. Having white furniture, walls, and basically everything, can make your home bright and vibrant. Plus, related to maximizing small spaces, the color white can give out the illusion of the spaces being bigger than they actually are.

This applies to all parts of your home — whether that’s your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or even your bedroom. White can be very soothing and relaxing, but you can always opt for other soothing colors, especially for the bedroom.



  1. Rich colors

With white as your main color, rich colors for furniture and decorative items will definitely pop. This is a great way to give contrast to the furniture in your room and make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Another trend that seems to be prominent is putting more color in the kitchen. This can give your kitchen a more personal touch, and make it pop in your home as well. Bonus: stains from cooking will be less apparent!

  1. Concrete accents

We’re all used to concrete being a trusted backend home remodeling material, it’s slowly becoming a decorative piece as well. It offers a different take on your house. You can use it as an accent for your home and make it look a lot more edgy!

Concrete can also be used for sinks, as well as stone, copper, or granite. Say no to old and boring stainless steel sinks! Who knew having a sink could be stylish now?


  1. Matte appliances

If you’re bored with the usual glossy appliances, perhaps it’s time to give matte appliances a try. They have a signature bold look that can definitely catch your attention subtly, as opposed to the in-your-face glossy ones. This trend is not for everyone, but you may give them a try!


  1. Marble

Marble used to work only for countertops, but now, they can be used as flooring, for bedroom walls, shower interior, and a ton of other stuff! 2017 has started this trend and it will definitely be moving over to 2018.

They’re very aesthetically pleasing and can go well with almost anything in your home.


There you have it! Those are 7 trends in home remodeling to follow in 2018. While this is all very exciting, there is always the fear of messing it up or things just not looking right. Every house is different and although these trends are universal, some might not work for your particular home.

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