7 Funky Home Remodeling Ideas for Your SoCal Home

How awesome is it to live in Southern California? Because SoCal is essentially the epicenter of all things cool, trendy and funky. Life is so good here and that shows in everything we do and have – including our homes. Los Angeles County has some of the most beautiful homes in the world, and what makes them so great is that homeowners, architects, builders and remodeling companies think outside the box with some unique and funky design ideas.

Here are 7 SoCal remodeling ideas for you. At least, we see them as totally SoCal.

Sunken Living Room

Nothing draws a room – and a group – together like a plush, sunken living space. A change in levels creates a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Whether you use marble, terra cotta tile, hardwood, or carpeting, a sunken living room creates great visual variety and appeal.

Outdoor Room

One of the best parts about living here is the almost endless sunshine. We have every reason to spend time outside, so why not build a space out there to rival the comforts of the inside? From a living room equipped with couches, bar and entertainment to a center gourmet kitchen with counters, storage, sinks and fridge, you can easily duplicate the comforts of inside for the beauty of outdoors. All year round we can enjoy each other’s company or our solitude, barbecues or midnight movies, without hurricanes, snow or mosquitoes.

Walk-in Shower

socal remodeling ideasSure, the walk-in shower isn’t unique to this part of America. But we’re talking about a large, wide open, glass-free, curtain-free, door-free, walk-in oasis fitted with multiple jets from all angles and even a steam shower. This has to be a SoCal remodeling idea because you’ll feel like a Hollywood celebrity. From rough stone to granite and marble, the sky’s the limit for a walk in shower.

Floor to ceiling windows

Bring paradise inside. Remodel your windows to stretch from floor to ceiling. You’ll love the light and looking at blue sky day after day. These kinds of windows make a room feel taller and nature’s beauty feel closer. And it’s not limited to your living room. Think about your dining area, bedroom, even your private bathroom.

Pillow Room

You read that correctly. We work and play hard, so why not turn an attic, bay window or nook into your own garden of pillows. A perfect place to read, nap or just lounge around. Enlarge the windows for natural light, suspend a hammock or swing chair from an overhead beam (add a beam if necessary), and of course, add USB outlets nearby for your devices.

Hidden Room

As much as we love socializing, sometimes it’s nice to have a room all to yourself. That goes double if you just endured nightmares on the 101 and are desperately needing to de-stress. Remodel to create a hidden room behind a bookcase or under some stairs. Maybe combine it with the pillow room to create an oasis.

Massage Room

socal remodeling ideasI just mentioned stress on Highway 101. It’s the worst. What then is the best? Booking your masseuse/masseur to ease your body and mind in your personal massage room. Fit it with soothing, dimmable lighting, built-in speakers, electronic screen for calming images, special heating, and cedar surrounds to give the feeling of a Swedish spa.

There are few remodeling ideas for your SoCal home and lifestyle. For more, contact the best remodeling contractors in Los Angeles County and make it all happen.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to RWT Design Construction.

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