5 Room Remodeling Ideas for Creative Online Content Makers


Creating content online is becoming a more and more popular source of livelihood and entertainment nowadays.
Podcasters, Vloggers and online course creators (to name a few) are all growing industries that depend on quality content from online creative business owners.

Whether you want to start your own online business now, or you already have one and you’re just looking to upgrade your visual or audio content, remodeling a room of your own could be your next best step. It may seem expensive at first, but it is actually a really good investment overtime and the convenience of having your own studio could be invaluable to the growth of your business and value of the content you offer online.

Here are five tips to remodeling a room for online creatives like you, to help you take your audio or visual content to the next level:

1. Make your room soundproof.

If you do podcasts, song covers, and the like, chances are you try your best to hide every noise and extra sound that your recorder picks up. This is very hard to do because there is always something going on — construction outside, birds chirping, kids laughing, etc. There will always be something going on, and you cannot just stop them, so the smart move would be to make your room soundproof!

2. Install professional lights.

If you are planning, or if you already are a YouTube creator, you would of course need good lighting for your videos to look professional! Your HD camera will be somehow useless if the lighting is very poor in your room, so professional lights are actually something worth investing in. Lighting can also set the mood of your video.

3. Rely on natural light!

We have to admit, even though we all know that good lighting is key to a well-presented video, installing professional lights can be expensive but you can never really beat using natural light the right way! If you position your camera such that natural light hits the object you’re shooting correctly, it will give a really nice and fresh look to your video. This tip is perfect for food bloggers wanting to get the perfect shot or video clip to post on their blog, to wow their audience.
If you’re seriously thinking about remodeling your kitchen, take into consideration the placement and size of your new windows to enhance your natural lighting.

4. Arrange your equipment to benefit you

Your recording and/or visual studio can actually be a good background for videos, as long as everything is set properly into place. A well-arranged studio can give your video a very cool and fresh vibe. And even though you’re not fond of shooting videos and you only record audio files, you could never go wrong with having a well-arranged studio! Position your equipment strategically so you can work more efficiently.


While we would like to think we can do these things on our own, there are of course people who were actually trained to do this. RWT Design & Construction has designed and remodeled countless home and commercial recording studios in Los Angeles, Burbank, Beverly Hills, and other surrounding areas in Southern California for over 3 decades. They have been in the industry for so long that they have intricate knowledge required to construct a room with good acoustics and visual appeal.

If you’re looking for a company that will help you achieve your audio or visual studio goals, contact RWT today at 818-841-8600 for a FREE, no obligation estimate.

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