Why You Need a Home Inspection Repair Budget


Purchasing a new house can easily be one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. New beginnings, new location, new friends, and greater things can happen.

There is  a lot to consider in purchasing a property in order to not regret the decision. If you’re planning to purchase a house, you will need to know if there are existing defects or problems that need to be taken care of. This is one of the most important factors a buyer needs to consider. If you, as a buyer, really love the house, having an idea on how much it will cost to fix all defects will be a necessity.

Cost Analysis Report: Going beyond the Home Inspection Report

A home inspector is trained to be able to evaluate the home in detail and provide you with a report that will allow you to make a good decision and conclude if this will be a good purchase for you.

An inspection report will describe the home in detail and will highlight the areas that have defects and issues that need to be resolved.

A cost analysis report is part of the pre-purchase of a home and performed by a professional contractor with many years of experience in building and repairing homes. Due to this experience, we are able to analyze your home inspection report and give you a realistic cost of how much your repairs will cost.

You can look and admire a house during your purchase journey but it takes expertise to see the issues, know how much things will cost and how long all the work will take to complete.

The prospective home buyer is not able to look at the home with the unbiased critical eye of a licensed home inspector. A home buyer does not have the knowledge and tools of a home inspector. A good inspector is trained and experienced in finding the areas in a house that indicate problems.

These clues are sometimes very subtle and hard to find. Most inspectors have performed hundreds of inspections, and they are familiar with problems with certain building materials or building styles.

The Benefits of a Cost Analysis Report

RWT Design & Construction, led by Romney Tripp, offers a cost analysis services which includes preparing a written report after a home inspection. The report will include a written budget for the necessary repairs. We will provide an extensive budget to fit your needs.

You’ll never have to guess how much the repairs would cost!

For homebuyers, this also gives you the opportunity to make a decision about purchasing the property with an understanding of the expenses involved.

These problems may require a negotiation between you and the seller. A seller may adjust the total price or contract terms if big problems are found. You can then adjust your decision if the problems would cost more than your budget.  

Our cost analysis report of your home inspection will benefit both a buyer and a seller of a property. It can;

  • potentially enhance project planning,
  • reduce project risks,
  • optimize bid management while saving the buyer and the seller, time and money.


Depending on where you are in the process, you may feel like you need some more information. Here is a guide to inspections and permits from LA City DBS , we are also available to answer questions. Call today 818-841-8600.

RWT Design & Construction serves Burbank, Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We have been in business since 1989 and have years of experience in all types of quality design and building projects, ranging from simple to extremely complex construction work, while serving numerous satisfied customers throughout Southern California.

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