Essential Universal Design Features for Long Term Homeowners

home A new trend has emerged in home design as potential home buyers are now looking for homes they can be in for the long run.People now a days are looking to purchase a home that they can grow old in rather than have to sell it in a few years.Due to this, they want everything to be suitable for their current needs but also for those they will have when they age.This is why universal design features were introduced. Universal design features are parts of a home that anyone can use regardless of their age, size, physical ability, etc.

Many new home buyers are looking for a place that they can start and grow their family as well as age into. They do not want to go through the process of selling it in a few years in order to accommodate changes within the residence. Changes such as going from raising little kids to having teenagers; having an elderly family member move in; natural aging affecting your physical ability, etc. can have a big impact on the way a home is lived in.

Due to this, universal design features have become more important than ever as people are now thinking about their long term living situation rather than how the home will suit their needs right now.

Resale Value

Home for Sale signUniversal design features increase the resale price of your home as people recognize the value in being able to move right into a home and not have to make any major changes to it.

Some people won’t even consider purchasing a home if there are a lot changes that are needed due to the cost and time associated with it.

Thus, if you are thinking about selling your home and are looking for ways to increase its resale value, consider making some of the following changes to your home.

Here are some of the most essential universal design features:

No step front entrance

Whether it is a front, side or back entrance, having at least one universally accessible entrance is essential. This gives access to older family members that might be in a wheelchair or simply have trouble moving around.

Additionally, it can be of use if someone gets injured and needs assistance walking. It can also be useful if the homeowners are starting a family as it makes it easy to push the baby stroller in and out of the house.

Even if no one living in the home requires a no-step entryway currently, it will be needed when the homeowners age.

Wide Doors and Hallways

Modern entrance door houseWide doors and hallways make it easier to move around, especially for big families.

They also make it easier to move furniture in and out of the house if someone is moving out such as a son going off to college.

Wide doors and hallways are also useful if someone who is in a wheelchair comes to visit or if one of the home’s residents gets injured.

This feature is also beneficial for kids as the more room they have to play around, the less likely they are to get hurt by running into walls and doorways.

Reachable controls/switches

Switches should be placed at an accessible height for anyone in a wheelchair or even a small child to reach. Even if neither of the homeowners are in a wheelchair or have children, their situation might change in the future.

Single-floor Living

Brown grey house exterior one story high building.Single-floor living makes the whole home’s living space accessible to all of the residents.

Without having to climb stairs, everyone can be enjoying the same living space regardless of their age, size, physical ability, etc.

This type of home is also great for guests who might be in wheelchairs or have trouble moving around.

Open Floor

The less walls there are separating rooms, the easier it is to move around within a home. Open floor living widens a space as it removes “barriers” that are usually used to define different rooms. This also helps one see the space as a whole which makes it easier to maneuver around, especially if you are in a wheelchair and have to watch out for obstacles.

Open-floor living is also very popular because it brings families together with features such as having the kitchen open to the living room. This way, someone can be cooking while also participating in the conversations people are having in the living room.

There are just some of the many universal design features that many potential home buyers are looking for when they are viewing different houses. These buyers want a home that they can move into and grow old in without having to worry about selling it in a few years.

Why not increase the resale value of your home by adding or integrating some of these universal design features in to your living space? Even if you are not thinking about selling your house, these features will definitely come in handy as you age.

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