DIY Home Design for Those of us on a Budget

For those of you on a tight budget and willing to be creative, or those of you who just want to be creative. Here are some fun, cheap and relatively easy DIY things you can do to make your home more beautiful and more the way you want it to be.

Tips For Home Design On A Budget

Don’t be afraid to be bold with some color. When you’re on a budget, a little pop of color on a wall or furniture piece makes your home look pricey and professional.

Turn old furniture into new. Just forget about buying a new chair or couch right now. Try putting a cover over it or reupholstering it yourself, pick out the fabric and make sure you have the tools to do so but definitely worth trying if you can. Right now a great and inexpensive fabric that is getting very popular is burlap. It looks incredible on couches and chairs and comes in many different colors.

Don’t be afraid to shop at your own home and see what you can do to turn it around. You’d be surprised at how many great finds are in your home already. Sometimes all you need is a little creative thinking. Try turning an old unhappy door into a coffee table or unused mason jars into lights. Take a side table drawer and turn it into wall art or a shelf on the wall to put little things in. It is all very creative and very cute to add all of these touches to your home. Little or no money is needed to do these things, just a bit of your time is needed.

Give your house a little bit more curb appeal with some quick fixes to your front door. A fresh coat of paint, and a few accessories, can change the entire look of the front of your home.

Add wainscoting to your dining room or living room. There are so many DIY blogs and HOW TO tutorials that that you can actually watch how it is done and then do that yourself if you feel you are up to the challenge. The internet is making it easier and easier to learn how to do certain things. So take advantage if you are interested in doing small home makeover things or you just don’t have the money to hire a professional to do it right now.

R. Tripp
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