A Small Home vs. A Large Home

It is a pretty safe assumption that building a small home is going to be cheaper than building or buying a large home. The total amount of money that you will pay to build the smaller home will always be lower. Additionally, the smaller home means that you will have lower energy bills so you will save a lot of money on utility bills to start with and really seen a great amount over time.

But believe it or not there are a lot of other small and surprising ways that a small house can save you money and time!

Money-saving Features of Small Homes

1. Less money spent on cleaning. If you were to have a smaller home you would also have fewer spaces to keep clean. This therefore makes it less likely that you’ll get overwhelmed by messes and waste money on a housekeeper. Even if you clean a larger home on your own, you’ll spend less on cleaning supplies for a small home since you’ll need to use less of them every time you clean the small house. Also, you’ll save time on cleaning and time is money, right?

2. Small homes have less room for stuff. The more space you have, the more stuff comes along with that extra space. A home with a spare bedroom always has a spare bed in it. A home with an extra bathroom always has more bathroom supplies, towel etc. With a smaller home, you buy less stuff because you have less space for it and waste less money on unneeded stuff because of it. You can save that money for vacations or whatever you want.

3. Maintenance on a small home is much cheaper and more easily handled than a larger home. A lot of things you could even possibly do yourself if you have some understanding on the subject of home maintenance or if you are willing to learn. Being able to maintain your own home makes you more able and keeps you from being at the mercy of people who know you don’t know anything about fixing any part of a home and may take advantage of you because of this.

4. You don’t need as much land for a small home. A small home can naturally be placed on a smaller lot of land. This saves you money. But it also will still feel like a nice size space because the house isn’t taking up all the land. You can still have your garden or garage or whatever it is you would want for a normal size home. It is all just scaled down basically.

5. Going green on a small home is a lot cheaper. A small home saves you money on electricity already because it requires less energy to power the home. It can also save you money if you for whatever reason decide to go even greener in the future. It’s less expensive to make water-saving, energy-saving updates to a home when the space and appliances you have to work with are limited and smaller. This will in turn save you more money on your ongoing energy costs overall.

Here are 5 really good reasons to think about having a smaller home. When times are tough or when they are really good, you will always have the security of knowing you are saving a bundle with your small home.

We do have the ability at RWT to build homes from the ground up, homes of any size but I personally think small homes are the way to go if you do not have a family or plan on having one soon.

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