Paint Maintenance for Doors & Windows

With summer right around the corner it is important to check your doors and windows for any signs of failing paint or stain finishes.

Wood windows and doors that are hard to open and close will typically have signs of failed paint or stain finishes which cause the wood to swell and eventually fail at the joints. If not properly maintained this could turn into replacement rather than repair.

Areas that receive excessive exposure to weather (sun and rain) deteriorate faster than areas that are covered from exposure.

We also notice here in Southern California the southern facing doors and windows need more maintenance than the northern facing doors and windows.

Paint Maintenance Suggestions

I often recommend doing a routine check of all doors and windows in your home twice a year due to the extreme summers we have here. When checking your doors and windows it is not only important to check that they are functioning properly but also that there is no cracking paint at any of the joints. Cracking or pealing at the joints can lead to further deterioration and rot and if not maintained properly will lead to failure and ultimately will require replacement of these units.

When maintained properly doors and windows will last 50 plus years, however we have replaced door and window units which were as little as five years old due to improper maintenance.

If you have any questions with regards to the maintenance, repair or replacement of any of your door and window units please contact us for a free estimate.

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