6 Inspiring Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Your home’s bathroom is often taken for granted, but it is definitely one of the most used rooms in your house. It is where you get ready in the morning, and sometimes where you relax when you need to. This is why your bathroom should be a room you absolutely love and feel comfortable in. Keep reading for bathroom remodeling ideas that will inspire you!

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  1. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!

    You’ve probably heard this thousands of times already, but mirrors can do heaps of improvement for any room design. It can make a small bathroom look bigger, and it will make your bathroom look a lot cleaner and more comfortable to be in. Aside from functionality, it can also make a huge difference in terms of your bathroom’s design, especially if you have a small bathroom.

  2. Decide on a color scheme.

    Deciding on one main color plus an accent color will make your bathroom look a lot more put together than if you just place randomly-colored items inside. This can be a good trick you can do to make your bathroom look expensive; relatively cheaper material with a nice-looking color scheme will look better than gathering expensive materials with colors that don’t look good together.

    When deciding on a color scheme, it’s best to choose colors that fit your home as a whole, as well as how you want yourself to feel when using your bathroom.

  3. Think about who the bathroom is for.

    Remodeling your bathroom means updating it according to the functions you want it to have. Consider who the bathroom is for — think about the gender, age, and what the person wishes to do inside the bathroom. Adjust the design and functionality in accordance to the lifestyle of that person; whether it’s fast-paced (adding a nice shower might be enough) or leisurely (look into bathtubs or jacuzzi tubs for this sort of lifestyle).

  4. Make your bathroom fit in your house.

    A Victorian bathroom would look weird if it’s placed inside a very modern house, right? Unless this is your type of interior design, you might want to match the overall aesthetics of the bathroom to that of your whole house. This will make everything look more intact and retain the ambience throughout all the parts of your home.

  5. Remodel some parts only.

    A complete remodeling of the bathroom is not always necessary. You can always opt to just add some pieces, replace current fixtures and appliances, or even just clean some existing materials to make them look brand new. This will make remodeling of your bathroom so much more affordable as opposed to doing a whole new look for your bathroom. This is of course not applicable if you are starting your bathroom from scratch, though, but it is definitely doable if you already have a pre-existing bathroom that you can just play with.

  6. Hire an expert!

    When remodeling your bathroom or any part of your home, you should get a contractor that you trust? How many years of experience do they have? Check their client testimonials and social media to see that they are dedicated to client satisfaction.

    Do they have an impressive and extensive portfolio (insert most recent bathroom remodel pics).

Some things are better left to experts, especially things like bathroom remodeling. If you live in the Los Angeles area (and beyond), get a free, no-obligation estimate that is realistic and based on best practices for quality remodels from RWT Design & Construction. Send them a quote request or call us at 818-841-8600.


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