7 Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units in Burbank

Build ADU in Burbank

What are accessory dwelling units? Accessory Dwelling Units are best defined as detached or attached residential living unit providing ultimate independent living facilities for one or even more persons. These units are often located on lots with existing or proposed primary residence and garage conversions are most common.

Moreover, ADUs are known by many names such as secondary units, in-law units, granny flats, backyard cottages, accessory apartments and more are popular dwelling styles and housing options. These units are commonly seen in different parts of the world including Burbank. The accessory dwelling units in Burbank, no matter what people call them are effective, innovative and affordable options to add the much-needed housing in the Greater Los Angeles region.

Unveiling the Great Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units are undeniably worthy investments, and these units are also recognized for the enormous benefits they provide. The benefits of accessory dwelling units in Burbank include but not limited to the following:

·Affordability. Affordable housing types constructed in Burbank because new and major infrastructure, land payment and structured parking aren’t required

·Extra Source of Income. Homeowner provision with additional source of income. This is one of the reasons many homeowners invest in ADUs. These units provide considerable income source and a creative and new way to earn passive income.

·Sustainability. More living space’s suitability for small families, group of friends, elderly and couples. In addition to that, these are a suitable option for seniors because these units give them the chance to live independently while keeping an eye on them especially when they need assistance.

·Cost-effective and quality constructions. The ADUS’ are constructed using wood frames that significantly cost less than homes in multi-family infill structures or buildings

· Proximity to extended families. Another amazing benefit of ADUs is that these units allow extended families to be close to one another while keeping the needed privacy

·More flexibility. With ADUs, homeowners are given more flexibility particularly in sharing living spaces with other members of the family. This allows elderly to age in place as they need more attention and care. Taking for instance, building accessory dwelling units Burbank for aging parents helps you save more money in the long run since assisted living costs higher. Having an additional full kitchen and full bathroom in the ADU is an added benefit to all home owners.

·Resale Value. Another benefit of ADUs is the resale value. Having a secondary unit is considered a highly popular feature these days. This enables you to increase your asking price in case you plan to sell your property in the future.
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