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Ask the Experts: I Might Sell Soon – Is it a Good Time to Remodel?

remodel to sell your homeOwning a home is a wonderful thing. Selling it, however, can be stressful. Should you remodel to sell your home? Remodeling can either net you a decent return or it can mean cash out of your pocket.

This is your home and you want to get the most out of the sale, so the idea of remodeling is about earning a larger return. But is it a good time? Is it worth the cost?

What Are the Comps?

Before you remodel to sell your home, look into the comparative listings (sold and for sale) in your neighborhood. Compare homes of similar age and size. Study what each have in common and what’s different. From here, you’ll get your first idea of what specific home remodeling projects will produce return on investment (ROI).

Big Projects vs Small

When you remodel to sell your home, you need to think about a realistic return. At a time like this, a major remodeling

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