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Copper is the ‘It’ Metal for Home Restoration in 2015

antique copper hanging light fixture shot from the ground looking upMove over granite, stainless steel, tiles, aluminum, and brushed nickel. 2015’s ‘it’ material for home restoration is copper!

Copper is amazing for so many things in home remodeling and restoration. Use it to make your home look awesome and increase its value at the same time.

Remember: copper is 100% recyclable!

Durable, Low Maintenance Copper

First, copper is so durable. It’s great for areas that are exposed to the elements, like gutters, flashing and downspouts. They look incredible, won’t sag or weaken, and can handle any weather condition. On top of that, they are very low maintenance.

Over time, copper develops what’s called a patina (the green look), which even reforms

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