All-in-One: Home Solar Inspection, Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Solar Panel InspectionGetting a home solar inspection done doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated.

In fact, you can have everything taken care of easily and efficiently by a home remodeling company.

That is experienced in home solar inspection, servicing, installation and repair.

Professional Home Solar Inspection

Whether you’re buying a home that has a solar electrical system or selling one… whether you’re thinking of installing solar panels or  just getting your existing home’s solar panels inspected… there is no need to call the city or county offices, nor to call an exclusive solar brand name.

It makes sense to have just one company that can inspect, assess, install, service and repair your solar power system, as well as your roof and entire home.

It gets even better when that company has the highest standards of solar energy training and has many years of experience installing systems.

Inspect and Troubleshoot a Home’s Existing Solar Panels

Solar Panel InstallationWhen your home, or the home you want to buy, has solar panels already installed, you need to have them inspected and be informed about their condition. A good solar inspector will test the entire system, examine the panels, inspect all wiring and components, and give you a presentation so you understand fully how everything works. It’s convenient and efficient for you when the inspector can also consult with you about the condition of the roof supporting the panels. Not many solar inspectors have roofing knowledge so be sure to contact one that has experience in dealing with not only solar panel systems but also roofs.

This way only one contractor can make any repairs needed without delay and without damaging your roof.

It’s your right to be told if the solar system was given final approval by the city. It’s also nice to know if everything is safe, compliant with regulations and working at maximum efficiency to save you money.

Solar Feasibility Study

Solar Panel InstallationIt’s beneficial for you and the natural environment to go green and save money doing it. More and more homeowners around SoCal are getting their homes and roofs checked over to see if they can make best use of our year-round sunshine. And it’s so convenient to have one company that can do everything.

Your home will receive an inspection to see if it is feasible and safe to install a solar system. If the roof needs strengthening or if work needs to be done.

To catch the sun’s rays at the best angle, that will all be explained clearly. An assessment of how many solar panels will suit your needs will also be carried out. Every detail should be inspected, right down to the location of chimneys, roof vents, skylights, wiring and vegetation to be sure solar panels will fit.

Once you get the go ahead from the solar feasibility inspection, you can relax knowing all these things will be taken care of by just one company:

  • safe installation and set up
  • roof maintenance and care
  • working with your schedule without extra contractors or officials delaying things
  • delivering a presentation to explain the entire system clearly
  • follow up service
  • friendly, helpful support to call at any time
  • advice for the future about servicing, upgrading and replacing.

Your first step toward solar energy savings for your home can begin today with just one phone call. And that one phone number will be the only thing you need for all your home solar needs.

There is no time like the present for your home solar inspection and to join the green revolution.
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