The Importance of a Solar Electrical Inspection for New Home Buyers

Solar Powered HomeThinking of buying a solar powered home? There are so many advantages to having one, especially the savings on your utility bills and the reduction of your carbon footprint.

But how do you get a solar electrical inspection? What does it involve? How do you know the solar panels are working efficiently? Are they well positioned on the roof?Was the system installed properly? Is the roof in good condition and able to continue supporting the solar panels for years to come?

These are excellent questions. Fortunately for potential home buyers, answers are available. You can have all these things inspected before you buy.

Knowledge and Safety Provide Peace of Mind

Safety is vital. You love that home and want to buy it, but need to know that the solar electrical system is in good order and well maintained. There are specific codes, regulations and bylaws for solar systems and you need to be sure the home complies with all of them. You don’t need a nasty, expensive surprise after you buy.

Fortunately, you are not forced to go through the county’s or city’s red tape and delays. You can save time, hassle and worry by hiring a certified and professional solar inspection service, available through an accredited design and remodeling company.

The Simplicity of One Contractor for Solar Inspection and Also Home Remodeling

Dealing with just one contractor is a distinct help. You get someone who not only knows – and complies with – the codes and bylaws regarding solar powered homes but also understands all aspects of home construction and remodeling. Companies that only deal with solar electric systems are not necessarily skilled in roofing and home remodeling – they often have partner companies or subcontractors that they call in to help with a project. This increases your bill for call-outs, inspections, maintenance and installation.

Call one contractor who is trusted and certified in both areas. It just makes sense and saves time, hassle and big bucks.

What Does a Solar Electrical Inspection Involve?

Solar Electrical InspectionFirst and foremost, a solar electrical inspection – before you buy – will test the system, inspect the installation and evaluate your solar electrical system. The contractor can help you check the record of inspections since the solar panels were installed.

The inspection looks at the condition of the solar panels themselves and tests them to make sure they are working properly, safely, efficiently and that they will save you the kind of money you expect from a solar system.

The inspector will examine the condition of the roof supporting the solar panels. It’s important to see if trees, chimneys or roof vents may be blocking any panels and to check how well positioned the panels are for catching the direct sunlight. The inspector will even look to see if there are enough solar panels on the home for your needs and expectations.

An all-in-one inspection and construction service is even able to remove and re-install the solar system without causing damage to the roof or panels. This is necessary when repairing/replacing a roof that has solar panels installed.

Last, but by no means least, if there are major problems with the solar system, you will be prepared with experienced advice and accurate costings so you can make an offer that takes into account the condition of the solar system and the need to replace it.

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