Things You Should Know About Electrical And Lighting For Your Recording Studio


To assure you have clean power to your recording equipment you need to run dedicated circuits with isolated grounds. Recording gear today for the most part is computer based and having a clean power source will improve the quality of your recording.

You will also need a clean power source for any instruments that may be plugged into your recording studio system. It’s best to have a qualified electrician install this type of wiring and I have found most studios need a minimum of four dedicated circuits and a dedicated circuit for the air-conditioning system.


The best lighting for your recording studio is an LED track style light system. There are two main reasons for this:

1) Sealing around a surface mounted track will only require a small penetration (that can be sealed) and is very good for directional lighting.

2) The LED lights do not produce any heat in your recording or control rooms.

Note: It is best to use a remote transformer for these LED fixtures. That way the transformer buzz is not in your recording rooms.

And one of the other benefits of using this type of lighting is the power consumption is minimal.

I hope that was helpful and feel free to give us a call here at RWT Design & Construction if you have any further questions.


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