Home Recording Studios

Musicians and recording engineers can save tens of thousands of dollars by building an in-home recording studio.

With the cost of professional studios rising building your own in- home recording studio can be a viable option.

Tips On Building Your Own In-home Recording Studio

First thing you should do is check with your local government agency to make sure your recording studio can be legally permitted and installed.

Next, put together a budget of what it is you would like to spend on your recording studio. Note, a min budget of 5,000 would be needed to even get started and 20,000 to 50,000 would be the average cost for a home recording studio.

The basic set up for a home recording studio is building a box within a box. You basically take your existing walls and ceiling and build new walls and ceiling within the existing space with a minimum of a 2″ gap between the two. With proper sound proofing of walls, double doors and windows you can create a professional quality recording studio.

Here at RWT Design and Construction, we have been working in the home and professional recording studio industry for over thirty years. Jobs ranging from professional home recording studios to commercial radio station recording studios and even a fair amount of work at Mt. Wilson’s radio transmitter stations.

We provide not only design and installation but are happy to consult on any of your recording studio needs.

We at RWT Design & Construction are your local Burbank Contractor and LA Remodel experts. Give us a call if you need help with anything.

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