Love the Outdoor SoCal Lifestyle on Your Awesome Patio and Deck

Outdoor KitchenWith Southern California’s wonderful climate, you can enjoy your patio or deck all year round.

Check out some deck design ideas for turning your outdoor space into an invaluable entertaining area.

Where you can socialize and even prepare entire meals under the stars with an outdoor kitchen.

Designing Your Patio or Deck

Your options for patio or deck design are almost endless. Consider these points to help you create a basic framework for the space:

  • Positioning. Work out which side of the house it should be on. You may have one already but aren’t happy with its location. Consider where the sunshine hits during different seasons, so you can enjoy it directly in the cooler months but not bake in summer. Then make sure it is easy to access from the main kitchen and living areas. Maybe some redesigning and remodeling is in order. Here’s your chance to do what you’ve always wanted with your home.
  • Usage. Will it be just for relaxation or will you entertain family and guests? If you plan to have meals outdoors, think about installing a built-in grill, pizza oven or even a full blown outdoor kitchen. The SoCal climate allows us to have permanent fixtures on our decks and patios, instead of wheeling temporary things undercover like people must do in other states.
  • Covering. What roofing do you want for the patio or deck? Will the entire area be under a roof or just a section of it? How about a pergola with shade cloth sails? How about stylish screens and windbreaks?
  • Privacy and protection. You can use a natural screen of hedges, climbers or tall growing shrubs, especially if you have planter boxes built in. Plants are always charming. Otherwise erect a retractable screen for privacy and also protection against the wind.
  • Lighting. Don’t get floodlights from the hardware store. Have proper lighting designed for ambiance and atmosphere, using solar power and energy-efficient bulbs for conserving energy and protecting the environment. And if you haven’t got solar for your home, you really should.
  • Focal point. A fire pit is nothing short of awesome. One that is permanently installed, with gas lines incorporated, looks intended and is a real design feature compared with a portable one. There’s something about a fire that brings people together. Otherwise, try the soothing sounds of water with a fountain and pond.

Have It All with an Outdoor Kitchen

Take your patio or deck to the next level for entertaining and relaxing. Design and build an outdoor kitchen. Here are some factors and elements to consider.

  • Outdoor Entertaining SpaceMaterials and finishes. Countertops and surfaces for appliances must withstand the outdoors, even under cover.
  • Plumbing, electrical and gas. You’ll need all three accessible for your sink, fridge, lighting, sound system, built-in barbecue grill, etc. Don’t forget some gas heaters for the chillier nights.
  • Storage space. A full outdoor kitchen should have stylish, built-in storage for a fridge, utensils, crockery, cutlery, etc.
  • Lighting. Set the mood while also being practical.
  • Flooring. Protect against spills and also the climate. Terra cotta tile is always cool and totally SoCal, as is stonework. Discuss with experts how to make the entire area tie together with your home’s look.

Talk to the experts and get many great ideas for designing and constructing your custom patio, deck and outdoor kitchen.  Make your home into the ultimate year-round venue for relaxing and entertaining.

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