Home Renovation and the Great Outdoors: Sensational Sundecks and Perfect Patios

Exterior covered patio with fireplace and furniture. When home renovation comes to mind, most people think of construction that alters the main elements of a home, creating a fresh feel and functionality for any number of rooms.

In other words, the home’s interior, and the possibility of a new look and style for some or most of the structure’s exterior, too. But beyond that, literally, it’s a bit of a blank.

The good news is, in terms of both striking appearance and usable space, there doesn’t have to be a complete stop at the boundaries of your home’s main footprint. Well-planned home renovation, especially in a climate like southern California, justifiably includes terrific yard and garden areas that become highly appealing extended parts of your home’s living space. And that means gorgeously designed patios and sundecks.

Blend Elements Beautifully with Home Renovation Specialists

Stunning BackyardKeep styles in sync – When incorporating a sundeck or patio—or even both—into your overall home renovation, the finished look should be flawless with respect to design flow and the appropriate combining of all architectural elements. If your home is a more traditional Neoclassical or Tudor style, for example, an ultra-modern aggregate patio surface or sundeck with polished steel railings is going to look out of place.

The best rule of thumb is to view any adjacent outdoor area as an extension of the house itself, choosing both a design and materials that complement and enhance, rather than compete. Hiring a reputable home renovation company with solid experience in building patios and sundecks, and even landscaping, is the way you want to go.

Set a focal point – In consultation with your builder, deciding on a focal point before starting the sundeck or patio portion of your home renovation project is a fundamental part of good design. It helps to create dramatic interest and keeps the overall effect from looking too busy. Consider elements such as an arch or pergola leading to more extensive garden plantings, an outdoor fireplace, or even a fountain.

Residential  backyard with gazebo, deck, stone patio and swimming poolThink on a number of levels – Don’t be afraid to venture up and out, especially if your house itself is multi-level. There is tremendous appeal to having an expansive sundeck with a series of more intimate seating areas, and several stairs leading down to a lovely patio just below.

If you’re big on entertaining, this is an excellent way to keep guests together without creating a large clump of people.

Smaller conversation nooks with easily rearranged and comfy outdoor seating let guests linger and enjoy. Enhance outer deck and patio perimeters with lush greenery in great looking pots and planters and the atmosphere is complete.

Home Renovation can be Sundecks and Patios Only

Don’t overlook one of the best opportunities to invest in the curb appeal of your home and entire property, increasing their value even more. Even if remodeling your house isn’t on the agenda just now, consider the benefits of having experts conceptualize and create the most seamless and “sunsational” decks and patios imaginable for your outdoor enjoyment.

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