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Deck Remodeling IdeasIn the great climate and lifestyle of Southern California, a great outdoor space is a must.And with a few simple design and remodeling ideas.

It can be more than just a summer area and become a space you will use all year round.

A Multi-Functional Zen Space

A patio or rooftop deck can be so much more than a paved area for placing your grill or folding lounger. It can be an outdoor room where you can either entertain or retreat to unwind. With comfortable floor surfacing, sleek built-in furnishings, built-in shelving, plants, sheltering and shade cloths, you can have a space that is good for many uses while still being resistant to weather.

Your rooftop deck could transform in minutes from your personal garden getaway into your dinner date dining area with a view, or even into an intimate winter time meeting and gathering space. That’s right, winter. Add a fireplace for ambiance, beauty and warmth. You could even watch TV there.

Start considering your deck, patio or terrace as being usable for almost any purpose.

Start With the Floor Surface

The simplest way to change how you think about your outdoor space is to change the surface you’re standing on. Who says a patio must always be pavers or that a deck must always be concrete or covered with a rubberized membrane? Of course they can, but think outside the box. Weather resistant doesn’t have to mean boring. Hardwood surfacing can be done in any configuration, even as tiles. Or consider a combination of wood with regular intervals of round stones, like in a Japanese bathroom. You can even have artificial grass. It’s weatherproof, it’s colorful (it can be in multiple colors), it’s hard wearing yet soft underfoot, and you could even turn it into your own practice putting green or bocce ball area.

Outdoor Dining

Backyard patio with BBQ grill and dining table on deckTraditionally the ground floor has been the place for cooking and dining. But what about a cozy area for dining – and also cooking – on another level? Imagine the impression you will make on friends or a loved one when you cook for them and dine with them in privacy under the stars or the sun. Then, when you’re finished, you wash up without going inside and kick back on the comfortable furniture.

After all, if you’re having a fireplace built into your patio or rooftop deck, it would make sense to include a grill, countertops, cabinets, a sink, a fridge nook, plumbing and electrical outlets. All these can be built in seamlessly to provide you with a stylish, intimate outdoor space for food preparation and dining.

Unlike many parts of the U.S., SoCal has the ideal climate for this that won’t destroy outdoor facilities. And think about the resale value it will add to your home.

A Private Outdoor Bathroom

Can you imagine soaking in a stylish tub while enjoying the view in the fresh air on your deck or patio? A jacuzzi tub is bulky, very heavy and requires continual maintenance and expenditure. But an outdoor bathroom is nothing short of awesome. Either screen off a section of your outdoor space or else feature a glorious stone tub among the furnishings and plants. Be sure to add an outdoor shower recess with multiple shower heads for full body massaging and stimulating. Imagine soaking and relaxing at night with the TV on by the fireplace – all in the same outdoor space.

Get creative to truly make the most of your home’s outdoor spaces and enjoy life in SoCal the way it’s supposed to be.

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