Beautiful Back Yard Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

Summer is right around the corner. How nice would it be to have a relaxing beautiful space in your back yard where you can entertain guests or have quality family time or even just a nice space to relax in and enjoy being outside? I am going to give some good ideas and tips on what you can do with your back yard to make it look better and make it more inviting to spend time in. This is your home, you deserve to have a place that you enjoy being in, right?

Decks and Patios

Decks and patios are becoming more and more a need and want from home owners. As trends are changing, so is what people are willing to spend their money on. 2013 is trending towards outdoor home improvements such as installing decks or upgrading existing decks. A well-made and installed deck can improve the look of your home greatly as well as increase the value of your home, as long as the work is permitted, meaning you made sure, or your contractor made sure with Building and Safety that you could have a deck there. Unfortunately if you do any work to your home that is not permitted, you will not get that investment back when you go to sell your home. Unpermitted work is a red flag when you go to sell your home and can actually make it harder to sell in some cases. So this is very important and a good tip all home owners should know. Here are some great deck ideas.

Outdoor Fire Places

Outdoor fire places are becoming more and more popular every year. They are a beautiful show piece to your home and make a great excuse to invite friends to come over or enjoy the company of your family while enjoying the great outdoors. Now with all the technology advances happening on a daily basis you can even enjoy an outdoor tv attached to your outdoor fire place. How great is that! There is nothing like watching a movie under the stars while still being warmed by a beautiful fire place. Here are some great ideas for outdoor fire places.

Fire Pits

Some people prefer the look of fire pits over fire places for their homes. I completely understand. You have to get what works with your home and will look the best and work the best for you. People with smaller back yard spaces may prefer something a little smaller that will work with their layout. Fire pits are great for smaller spaces. There are all different sizes and shapes to choose from. You can get something extremely modern or extremely antique looking. Fire pits are also becoming more and more popular in recent years. Here are some great ideas for fire pits.

Garden Landscaping

In this extremely green age people are becoming more and more interested in growing their own food. Well why not? That is a great idea! Why not make a show piece out of your garden? Why not only make it a big money saver for you but also make it a beautiful show piece to your home? I have seen some incredibly landscaped gardens that I was in awe of. If you are going to do it, do it right, that’s what I say. Here are some great examples.

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