Back Yard Landscaping With a Vegetable Garden

Let’s be honest, everyone wants a beautiful back yard with a nice design that is inviting. No one wants to see an over grown weed infested unkempt back yard or front yard. There is a way to not only make your yard look beautiful but actually start saving money with it!

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable garden’s popularity has increased ten times or more in the last couple of years, as more homeowners embrace the advantages of planting their own organic vegetables and herbs, whether it’s to save a little money, engage in an interesting and rewarding pastime or just plainly for the health benefits of eating organic food every day.

Believe it or not you can actually make a beautiful landscaped back yard and fill it with vegetables that you can eat! There is nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables that are only minutes old as opposed to days or weeks. when you get it off the shelf in the grocery store it has already been traveling for days and sometimes even longer to get to you, so by the time you decide to buy it, it is very close to decomposing. Plus all the pesticides and things they put on the plant and in the soil are not very good for our bodies or the plants and the plant ends up a weaker version of what it is supposed to be.

Benefits Of A Vegetable Garden

With your own vegetable garden you are in complete control of what you eat. You no longer have to have food covered with pesticides or sick from pesticides. The incredible taste and health benefits of your own organic vegetable garden largely outweigh the grocery store bought version. The first time I had vegetables straight from a home garden I knew I could never go back to the store bought stuff.

We can help you by building raised beds and composting bins from untreated wood. We can landscape your backyard beautifully and help you transform your back yard into a money saving, a health saving, organic wonderful oasis!! Who wouldn’t want to have that?

A vegetable garden can be grown in your backyard, front yard or even on a balcony or little-used side yard, all you need is plenty of sun exposure. Some people are even putting them on their roofs! There are many designs and layout options for a vegetable garden. You may want to opt for raised beds, which we can custom make to fit your yard here at RWT, so you can better control the quality of the soil. With a little bit of thoughtful planning, vegetable gardens can be as beautiful as any flower garden with more health benefits than a flower garden could ever give you!

Full Service Landscaping

We can even set up a home garden specialist to tend to your garden for you daily, weekly or monthly, which ever you prefer, if you do not have time yourself or enough knowledge of gardening. We make people’s homes, inside and out, look more beautiful than they ever imagined! We believe in saving energy and money in the process as much as possible and a beautifully landscaped garden in your back yard can only add value to your home while you are also saving money on produce daily.

We can do all the work for you from the design all the way down to having specialist keep it up. Hope you now can see some of the benefits of a home garden and are ready to take your next step to a better lifestyle with your own organic home garden.

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