Hollywood Regency: Restoring a Classic LA Home Style

home renovation Adobe, Italianate, Mission Revival, Craftsman, Spanish Colonial, Storybook, Tudor, and Ranch… the list goes on. Name the house style, and it’s probably tucked into a neighborhood somewhere within the dynamic and architecturally diverse greater Los Angeles area.

If you’re lucky enough to own a Hollywood Regency home, you’ve got your hands on a true LA classic, just waiting for a top quality home renovation to restore its former magnificence.

What Does the Hollywood Regency Home Represent?

Here’s a lesser known Tinseltown tidbit: it was actually a silent-film star that later became a decorator, William (Billy) Haines, who was a pioneer of the Hollywood Regency style, a look that famously conjures a sense of escapism, glamor and elegance.

It’s important to remember that the Hollywood Regency style incorporates aspects of both architecture and interior design. While the style itself can be eclectic and not strictly definable, evoking sophistication and glamor are always paramount.

In a sense, Hollywood Regency melds 19th-century French, Greek Revival, and Modernist elements to establish an elusive style that is entirely its own, one that was much sought after by some of the biggest stars, such as Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Errol Flynn.

The assortment of various design expressions might sound potentially confusing to the eye, but the ultimate effect makes for a surprisingly attractive result.

A true Hollywood Regency home will represent a departure from the white stucco haciendas and half-timber Tudor-style homes often found on large lots near Sunset Boulevard, built by stars and studio bigwigs before tax and the Depression dictated a bit more austerity.

Authenticity in Your Hollywood Regency Home Renovation

home renovation The major design scheme revolves around entertaining. Think colored version of a mid-30s black and white film set, and you’ve getting the idea. Mix in classic mirror panels around the fireplace, double doors, some banquette-style seating, long, low sofas and streamlined but impressive built-in bookshelves, and you and your home renovation expert are well on your way. Here are a few more ideas:

  • glittering chandeliers and tasseled lampshades
  • bold, vibrant colors (peacock blue, for example) contrasted against stark neutrals such as black or white
  • Chinese vases, art deco patterns, dressing screens
  • furnishings that include elegant, traditional early 19th century English Regency antiques (key point: Regency furniture outlines give the style its name).

Lush landscaping and a courtyard fountain might typically complete the look of a Hollywood Regency home’s outdoor surroundings and ambiance.

Dramatic and Exotic Understatement Set the Tone

Billy Haines also utilized Neoclassical elements (such as the Greek Key design, for example) to round out his vision of Hollywood style. Think Asian accents meet Golden Age; bamboo and palm fronds, maybe even a pagoda or two. Comfortable chairs, lampshades or even wallpaper all might feature Chinoiserie patterns. The overall aim is to establish a glamorous and worldly look.

A Hollywood Regency home renovation is an inspiring project fueled by pride and nostalgia. Tell any experienced home décor specialist that you’re looking to refurbish a Hollywood Regency house to recapture and reflect its traditional look and feel: eyes will widen with excitement and creative ideas bubble out faster than you can say “cocktail party at my place.“

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