Southern California is Unique and Your Kitchen Should Be Too

itchen in luxury home with white granite islandA kitchen in Southern California is more than just a kitchen. We all want ours to be the centerpiece of the home; a room that is functional yet stylish, inviting and comfortable.

But we also don’t like just copying what others do. People in SoCal are prepared to remodel their kitchens to make them unique.

So here are some kitchen remodeling ideas to get started with.

An Open and Inviting Look

Whether the kitchen is large or small, it should be inviting. Removing design clutter and creating a sense of openness is the first kitchen remodeling step.

Having white or off-white marble for both the countertops and backsplash can make it seem very open and light. Combine these with glass-front cabinets (with lighting inside) to showcase your interesting dinnerware and you have the start of a theme that can be accented any way you like.

In fact, mirrors inside shelves, as well as behind them and around them, can create a stunning open effect, especially in a smaller kitchen. Then put open shelving underneath your island countertop.

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets are also amazing at giving the impression of height in the room, especially if the kitchen has a low ceiling.

Forget Boring – Unique is In

unique kitchenNow that you’re into the idea of opening up your kitchen, think of the ways it can have a unique flair.

Custom countertops are a great place to start. You can have almost any design or texture using tile, concrete, granite, marble, soap stone, stainless steel, butcher block, or combinations of these.Maybe throw in some wood accents to match cabinets.

Instead of the classic but predictable Californian kitchen color scheme of creams and browns with terra cotta tones, switch to a theme of beige, yellow and caramel and then add clerestory or floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

The light will flood your kitchen to create a warm and welcoming glow, while you will look up to see not the walls, but SoCal’s blue skies in glorious contrast.

If you want to go a different way from above, dark wood fixtures and beams can give a rustic, cabin-like vibe, especially distressed wood. Pair that dark wood with rich colored accents for an even warmer and welcoming feel.

An incredible kitchen remodeling idea to make the space the envy of others is to remove the side walls. Open it right up to the outside and install retractable sliding glass doors. People will want to stay and eat in there all the time. Air conditioned one moment, al fresco the next.

Clean Lines

modern kitchenIf clean lines are your style, the kitchen remodeling possibilities are again endless. Hardwood floors, or laminate with wood grain, bring sleek and natural color. Smooth-faced cabinets of maple or teak look so clean, especially with stainless steel handles and accents. Use the same material for the kitchen island and cupboards around the fridge to show that clean can also be warm.

A truly unique approach is to put the appliances to one side of the kitchen, and the pantry and cabinets to the other. In the middle have an island that is both a cooktop and dining surface. With some white on the walls and some accents of bamboo or other wood, it can be reminiscent of a teppanyaki grill. It will be so inviting to both cook and eat in the same room. Perfect for parties.

There is no limit to kitchen remodeling ideas, other than imagination. Talk to a professional design and construction company and start actualizing the kitchen you have always wanted.
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