Get Your Dream Kitchen Design and Spice Up Your Life

Modern Kitchen DesignIf you keep putting it off, it will never happen. It makes sense to design your dream kitchen and have it remodeled into reality.

Long gone are the days when the kitchen was merely a functional room for preparing food. Today, a home revolves around it. Memories are made there. Families, couples and roommates come together daily in the kitchen for meals, to discuss events, to laugh, to cry and to prepare for life’s activities.

So make that kitchen your dream kitchen, once and for all. Let it reflect your personality and taste so it can fulfill its purpose as the hub of your home. 

Updating Your Dated Kitchen

Probably the main reason homeowners want and design a dream kitchen is because they’re tired of their current one looking drab and dated. Of course, every homeowner’s idea of the “perfect” kitchen design is different, but there are  some things we can all agree need to change.

OUT: Laminate countertops, standard cheap white tile backsplashes, plain brown cabinets, 1980s sink and faucets, curtain rods and ruffled drapes, old windows, white electric ranges, old tile floors, etc.

IN: Kitchen island and countertops of grained marble or granite, sleek lines for counters and cabinets, hardwood flooring, big basin sinks with brushed stainless or brass fittings, pendant lighting, big windows, wood finishes inspired by nature, etc.

Tiled Walls

Modern kitchen with waterfall islandYes, tiles on walls. Done well, they add texture, highlights and personality – even just as a small feature.

Consider having above your cooktop marble tiles in a chevron pattern, or glossy tiles, brushed stainless steel tiling patterns, brick tiling in “pizza oven” style, subway tiles in smokey tones or white like a French bakery, or any other design you like.

The Island Life

A custom designed kitchen island is an absolute must have for a dream kitchen. The island can be any of these or a combination – a stunning centerpiece, a functional counter with sink, a dining area, a bar, a storage area, a home for an oven and dishwasher.

A dream modern kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a waterfall island, sometimes called a wrap-over counter. The counter surface “spills” or “wraps” over the ends and flows down to the floor for a stunning and sleek look.

For the ultimate modern European look, your kitchen design could include a circular island.

Other Dream Kitchen Design Ideas

  • Luxury Kitchen LayoutTwo sinks, at different locations of the room.
  • Customized backsplashes for that truly unique design touch.
  • Hidden electrical outlets so your backsplashes aren’t disrupted. Powerbars that slide up out of the counter are particularly cool.
  • Double ovens are ideal for the avid entertainer who loves big occasions.
  • An authentic pizza oven with arched brick entrance just speaks for itself.
  • Walk-in pantry.
  • Slide out pantry if your kitchen hasn’t space for a walk-in. It can be custom designed.
  • A pot-filler faucet over the stove is awesome. No more carrying pots of water around when you can fill them as they sit on the stove.
  • A wine rack built in with the cabinetry.

Your dream kitchen awaits. Speak with experts in home design and kitchen remodeling to make the dream come true!

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